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Rock the Pantry

Event Dates and Times

Downtown Dothan Library
Date or Time = November 12th (1:30-4:00)
Cost? = FREE, however each person needs to bring a non-perishable food item for the Wiregrass Area Food Bank

What is Dothan Rocks and how does someone participate?
Dothan Rocks is simply an extension of The Kindness Rocks project. The idea behind it is very simple, to leave a random act of kindness for a total stranger to find in the moment they need it. One rock, with one message, or one image on it can be what changes a person’s entire day, or sequence of events. We have people who paint, draw, or design rocks because for them, it’s an outlet for something they are dealing with, maybe the loss of a loved one, or just the stress of life in general. And then we have those who use this as an opportunity to get out and walk trails and go to the park, maybe alone or with family or children, and they collect the rocks on their path and replace them somewhere else to continue the cycle. There is no right or wrong way to participate in this movement, other than respecting property where you leave the rocks. You can either share the rocks, take rocks you find, or replace the rocks, basically whatever you need at that movement
in life.

What is Rock the Pantry?
The idea for Rock the Pantry was just a theme. We have such a large audience here in Dothan that has asked about doing gatherings to paint rocks. So, this was an opportunity to intertwine the two into a set of events that anyone can host to help fill a food bank, which can be a community food bank like The Wiregrass Area Food bank, or maybe their local church’s food bank. Everyone is welcome to come decorate rocks at no charge to them for the rocks or supplies being used, we just ask that they donate non-perishable items for the food bank being hosted

Do I need to call ahead or register for this event?
Absolutely not. Our event will be from 1:30-4:00 and you are welcome to come and go as you need to.
For more information go to or call 334-7939-767

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