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Fashion Week Dothan

Event Dates and Times

4/19/2018 - 4/22/2018
Ladi Vee’s Etiquette and Consulting, 306 N. Foster Street, Dothan, AL 36303
Events Announced for Fashion Week Dothan 2018, nominations open for the annual LVEC Veteran's Award

The Sixth Annual Fashion Week Dothan from April 19-22, 2018, is an extravagant, kid-themed event that features several interactive fashion, modeling, fitness and etiquette sessions for the Wiregrass area’s youth. Many community volunteers and companies partner with Ladi Vee’s Etiquette and Consulting (LVEC) to bring to life an exciting Fitness Challenge with awards and healthy habit tips, Kids Etiquette Boot Camp with a multicultural Gypsy Rhythm Dancers dance session and Hair and Makeup Workshop, and the week culminates with the much-anticipated Kids Fashion Show and LVEC Veteran's Award. The official week is April 19-22, although other community activities are scheduled prior to Fashion Week Dothan (FWD).

The purpose of FWD is to drive the excitement and value of etiquette, responsibility and healthy lifestyles into the core values of our students. While LVEC is the primary sponsor of this event, the FWD production is not possible without a huge community effort to support and enhance the very community that is being served.

Proceeds from FWD go toward Single Parents in Need Internationally (SPINN). The purpose and mission of SPINN is to support the needs of single parents, families and their children in the armed forces, honorable discharged veterans, and civilians. SPINN will help strengthen the community of Dothan by providing single families with food, shelter, other resources, training, and programs that will enhance their quality of life and help them to become productive citizens in the community. Not only is this an incredible event for our youth, but it is a meaningful event that creates more resources that can enhance our entire community.

*Nominations for our LVEC Veteran's Award are now being accepted at The purpose of the award is to acknowledge a much-deserving veteran each year for his or her commitment 'beyond the uniform' to the community. The award includes a trophy, a $50 gift certificate and a special item from Platinum Sponsor.

In addition to the nominations, here are our primary dates:

A healthy lifestyle is a major part of an overall joyful life. Fashion Week Dothan's Kids Fitness Challenge is a free event that brings a fun twist between fashion and fitness with cardio, weight training, and kickboxing activities that create an overall energy-filled atmosphere! Sandwiches will be provided, and there will be first, second and third place trophies for each age category of winners. Register online at or call (334) 446-3803 for more information or visit Fashion Week Dothan's Facebook page.

Registration is open now for Ladi Vee's Etiquette Boot Camp for Kids at This exciting, free boot camp covers all the basics of LVEC's popular sessions by Vanessa Riley Harris on manners, telephone etiquette, Dress for Success and proper dining habits. Students will experience a fun and multicultural dance session with the Gypsy Rhythm Dancers, sponsored by Liz Walker, Director of the Rhythm Dancers and Owner of the Global Rhythms Dance and Fitness Studio of Panama City, FL. A Hair and Makeup Show is also included. A meal is provided. Call (334) 446-3803 for more information or visit Fashion Week Dothan's Facebook page.