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Protect Your On-line Bank Account

Steps you can take to avoid fraud on your on-line bank account

     OK. So I'm on this financial kick right now. I use the computer to access my bank account from time to time and so do millions of others. Often I access my account with no thought of anyone hacking into it, as I'm sure many others do. (Let me know in the comment box below if you're concerned) I decided to do a little research into protecting my online bank account. I found the following article on the money help website "Financial Learn."  Much of it is just common sense, but that's usually what goes to the wayside when we're careless. Hope this gives you some insight and help.


    Although hackers may enter your bank account by using your password just to see if they can get into a so-called secure site, there are also those criminal types who hack into your account for the purpose of stripping your money from your account and getting away with it. Dealing with hackers is largely a matter of preventing access through inadvertently giving up password information. When you have an individual who is attempting to defraud you and pull money from your bank account, they may take other approaches in order to gain access to your hard earned money.


Many of the scams have been publicized over the years in various formats, but a few of the common ones continue to pop up and unwary consumers are still taken in by them. Here are some easy tips to help prevent you being taken in by the criminal elements.

Protect numbers

Protect the numbers associated with checking, savings and debit/credit card access. Once a criminal has the numbers, they can use the numbers to gain access to your account easily even without a valid check or card in hand. If you do not give out the numbers, it is less likely, although not impossible, that someone can gain unauthorized access to any of your accounts.

Phone scams

Don’t fall for the scam of someone calling, identifying themselves as an official at your bank and wanting your account information so that they can check for an employee fraud charge, or so they can verify the numbers on your account. Sometimes these criminals sound very official and they can be quite convincing in their tactics. At other times, they just sound ludicrous. Yet, people still fall for their scams.

Paper Checks

Proper control over your paper checks is important. If you can avoid having your checks mailed to your home, it provides increased protection for your checks. This may not be an option for online checks. When you do receive your checks, be certain to store the new checks in a secure place. It’s also important to store your canceled checks in a safe place, since much information can be gathered by looking at canceled checks. You should always use tamper proof checks for your transactions.


Protect your information that is accessible by using the ATM. Use a PIN that is out of the ordinary. Don’t for example use the last four digits of your social security number or your birth month and year. Certainly you should never write the PIN directly on the card. If you have the PIN number written on paper in your wallet or purse, it’s an open invitation for a purse snatcher or pickpocket to clean out your bank account.

Electronic transactions

Using secure sites and switching to electronic billing as well as electronically presented online banking statements will help to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your checking or savings account information online.

Identity Theft

Although identity theft is a significant and growing problem in our electronic world, using extra caution in managing your banking accounts will reduce the likelihood of suffering a significant financial loss that goes along with fraudulent banking transactions.

 Stay tuned because the next time... I'll talk about how NOT to lose money.


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