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Lost My Checkbook... Now What?

What to do when your checkbook is lost or stolen

     It's bound to happen at least once; you lose or misplace your checkbook. Ever had that happen to you? Or have you had your purse stolen with credit and atm cards and your checkbook inside? Now's no time to panic as you want to try and protect your money and identity.

       Finance help website, "Financial Learn" posted an article last May, which I'm posting here.  I hope will be helpful to you. Please let me know.

These days’ people pay with cash, a credit card or a checkbook. People never leave home without either one because you can’t do anything without money or any of these things. But life is hectic and you can sometimes forget where you last placed your cash, wallet or checkbook or you don’t notice that somebody is already reaching within your purse and stealing things from you. What will do you if you lost your checkbook?

Step 1

What was lost? Did you lose other valuable documents such as Identification cards, credit cards, and driver’s license? If yes, you should quickly look for your lost things and inform the concerned agencies about your situation because you might become a victim of identity theft. How did you lose your things? Through a crime or your own negligence? If you are a victim of a crime, you can immediately inform the police about your situation.

Step 2

If you lost your checkbook due to negligence and absentmindedness, try to remember when you last saw it. Go to that place and check if your checkbook is still there. If it isn’t, try to retrace your steps and look around your house, car, office for your checkbook. Inform your friends and family about the urgent situation so that they can help you look for your lost checkbook in the places that you went to within the day. If you visited different places within the day, you can inform people in charge of those places about your situation, they might have found it.

Step 3

If you can’t find your checkbook and you believe that it is lost or stolen and you can never find it again, you should call your bank and inform them of your situation. Don’t waste time when you do this because somebody else might have your checkbook and use it on a shopping spree. Or you could be lucky that it’s in the hands of a good Samaritan.

Step 4

The bank will put a stop payment on your checks. The checks that are unaccounted for won’t be paid. There is another option, the bank will ask you to close your account and open a new one. You simply have to follow the bank’s process in closing an account and their process for opening a new one. Sources say that it’s easier and easier to close an account and open a new one than requesting a stop payment and sorting through all the checks.

Step 5

From that new account, you can order new checkbooks. Be careful not to lose them this time. To prevent the situation from ever happening again, you should watch where you put your things. Try not to be absentminded because losing things can be a big hassle. It will cause you worries and take up much of your time. Worse, because of your negligence, you can become a victim of identity theft. If your things were forcibly taken from you, you can try to learn from such experience to prevent such thing from ever happening to you again.

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