The Cockroach Chronicles

By: Natasha Chughtia
By: Natasha Chughtia

 All my life I have been afraid of bugs. As a child I would call for my dad in the middle of the night if I heard a mosquito so much as buzz in my ear. Minnesota summers brought all sorts of flying question marks. Then we got Box elder bugs that would come in the hundreds. I would run to the car and lock it so I didn’t get one on my clothes or hair. Creepy, crawly and totally gross-bugs I just cannot stand.

Fast forward and here I am in the South. “Watch out for the cockroaches” many folks said when I told them I was coming here. I shrugged them off. How bad can it really be?

A few days of unpacking boxes and living in my gorgeous townhouse was totally peaceful. I didn’t see one thing with more than two legs except my neighbor’s dog and I felt safe. I also thought unknowingly that since my place was only a few years old that I would not deal with the bug problem like everyone else.

I survived my first day at work and was feeling nothing but good about my decision to move here. Then the unthinkable happened.

I woke up Tuesday and headed into my kitchen for the morning cup of coffee. Something stopped me dead in my tracks. There on the kitchen floor was the biggest, baddest bug I had ever seen. It was on it’s back and moving it’s legs like crazy.  

Wrapped in pure fear I did the only thing that seemed reasonable at the time. I took out my phone and proceeded to tweet about it. As if somehow this one act would remove it from my kitchen floor.

After the tweet had been sent out and the bug was still there, I raced upstairs for my can of Raid. From a safe distance of about 30 feet I sprayed the entire can on this creature that had changed my entire morning.

It continued to wiggle so I just left the house. I literally grabbed my keys and exited the situation.

I have come to learn now that what I saw was a Palmetto bug. Huge, creepy and just plain wrong in every sense.

So repulsed was I by the thought of touching it, that my News Director actually had to come and remove the corpse later that day. Thankfully it was still there and it was officially dead.

A call to Tabor Pest Control happened that very day. The kind man promised and end to the bugs and a money back guarantee.

Thankfully since the spray I have not seen one single bug in here. I know it will not be the last time I have an encounter but I now have a little peace of mind.


And just when I think I am safe I learn about these things called Love Bugs? All I can do is shake my head, shake my clothes off and mutter…"You are in the South”

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