Fri May 06 12:09:11 PDT 2016
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Charge: Mom strikes at child's classmate and lands in jail
Ken Curtis

A woman was charged with harassment Friday for trying to strike a classmate of her daughter. Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox said the incident occurred at Abbeville High School but involved a middle school student. Both middle and high schoolers attend the same campus. Kaguana Freeman, 29, of Henry County Road 105 was arrested after she visited the campus, according to Maddox. He said it is his understanding that Freeman’s child and another pupil had become involved in some type of altercation Thursday. Freeman then went to the school the following day where the altercation occurred. Court records show the complaint was signed by the alleged victim’s father. The names of the students involved are not being used in this news article due to their age. The harassment charge is a Class C misdemeanor and will likely carry no jail time.

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