Thu Sep 18 18:49:35 PDT 2014
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Still No Verdict in Peanut Salmonella Trial
Associated Press

ALBANY, Ga. (AP) -- Jurors are breaking for the night without a verdict in the trial of a Georgia peanut plant owner charged in a salmonella outbreak that sickened hundreds five years ago. The federal jury in Albany met for about eight hours Thursday before its foreman told the judge members wished to stop for the evening. The jury is scheduled to return Friday morning. Thursday was the first full day of jury deliberations in the trial of former Peanut Corporation of America owner Stewart Parnell and two others. He and his brother, food broker Michael Parnell, are charged with knowingly shipping tainted peanut butter to customers and faking results of lab tests intended to screen for salmonella. The plant's former quality control manager, Mary Wilkerson, and Stewart Parnell are charged with obstruction.

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