Thu Oct 30 17:09:35 PDT 2014
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Dothan High School Increases Security
Cynthia Washington

After a series of after school fights in a local neighborhood. Dothan High School beefed up their police presence. There were five police cars outside the school Thursday morning. School officials say the police were dispatched after reports of a possible fight on campus Thursday. Several fights have happened off campus in recent days and both police and educators wanted to make sure this bad behavior did not happen on school grounds. Police are saying the school district asked for the extra security while Dothan High School Prinicpal Stan Eldridge says he didn't call for the extra police presence. Eldridge did not want to go on camera but sayshe doesn't mind the men and women in uniform hanging around campus because he says it's better to be proactive than reactive. Eldridge says he takes his students safety seriously every day not just Thursday. And when we spoke Thursday morning, he said there had not been a fight on campus at that point. It is unclear how may days the extra police will be at the school. We reached out to the school and the district's school resource officer, they did not want to comment.

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