Mon Apr 27 10:10:02 PDT 2015
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Crews Working Around the Clock to Restore Power

Saturday evening's storm left thousands without power. Fortunately, officials say as of Sunday, less than 5,000 are without without power, due to crews working around the clock. But as that number lowers, there are still concerns outside of Dothan. "There's a switch down at the end probably from a power surge popped. I've asked the power company since about seven-o'clock last night to come out and take a look at it." Carl Trisch of Webb, owns a trailer park that houses mostly the elderly. He's concerned about their safety if power isn't restored soon. "We've probably lost at least two hundred fifty to three hundred dollars worth of food. ourselves, plus everybody that lives here has lost all of their food." Dothan Fire Marshal, Chris Etheredge, says he understands resident's concerns across the area. "It takes a lot of time. They actually send out crews looking at every jack, every transformer to make sure that its clear and then phasing electricity back on." He says most power should be restored by Monday afternoon. "The one's and two's that are left out there because of damage to their home will need to get that repaired by an electrician, making sure inspections are done properly and then Dothan Utilities will be wrking to get out and get those reconnected individually.."

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