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Alabama State Games
Toneshia Watkins

Whether you play soccer, race BMX, or bowl, the Alabama State Games has something for everyone. "All of the basketball competition will be here, thirteen and fourteen year old baseball will be here. Rugby will be here in Dothan. Gymnastics will be here," says Dothan Leisure Services Athletic Coordinator, Tyson Carter. This event has been in the planning phases for months. "It's gonna be a chance for us to show off state wide what we do and how well we do it," says Carter. The State Games has had to work very closely with Dothan and Ozark Leisure Services in order to find venues for the events. "All the events are gonna be through the entire Wiregrass area," says Alabama State Games Founder, President and CEO Ron Creel. "Westgate Park will be a primary focal point. The outdoor fields there the athletic fields. Also Wiregrass Park and Walton Park will be used for basketball." Ozark will also be responsible for providing venues...Such as the Civic Center for taekwondo and Eagle Stadium for baseball. On your mark...Get set...Go... The games begin Friday, June 12 and end Sunday, June 14. The Opening Ceremony for the Alabama State Games will be held June 12 at 7pm at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds.

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