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Why do 1.5 million people follow 87-year-old Baddie Winkle online?
Kelsey Leyrer

An East Tennessee woman has become a worldwide sensation thanks to a social media account run by her great-granddaughter. Baddie Winkle has over one million followers on Instagram. "There's not many 87-year-olds who act like me," she says. Baddie Winkle has been featured on billboards and walked down red carpets. Most recently, she was Miley Cyrus' guest to the VMAs. Every colorful outfit tells a story, but the most important story you can't find in her closet. "My son has been dead 16 years. He was so beautiful," she says. Before there was Baddie Winkle, there was Helen Van Winkle. "I lost my husband in 1983 and I lost my son in 1999," she says. "I cried all the time." Baddie Winkle wasn't just a hobby. It was a solution. "This has helped me so much," she says. With each new outfit, Helen finds a way to bring color back into her life and Baddie shows that sometimes acting your age is overrated. "I'm Baddie Winkle a lot of the time, but deep down I'm still me," she says.

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