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Gate changes at Fort Rucker
Press Release: Ft. Rucker

Fort Rucker officials announce the permanent closure of the Newton Gate, as well as the shutdown of the Enterprise Gate Visitor Control Center, starting Nov. 30. The VCC shutdown will require those needing a visitor badge go to the Daleville or Ozark gates instead. There will be no change to the 24-hour operation for entering and exiting the post from the Enterprise Gate. Additionally, Dec. 5, the Faulkner Gate hours will increase on the weekends. The new hours will be 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. While post leadership understands these changes will require an adjustment to how some employees and others enter the installation, they are being implemented in order to balance mission requirements and available manpower resources. Officials apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause those entering Fort Rucker. The closure of the Newton Gate will primarily effect those working at Hanchey or Knox airfields who enter post through the Newton Gate. These personnel can use one of the three other main gates, which are open 24 hours or the Faulkner Gate during posted hours. Large commercial traffic making deliveries on post will have to use either the Ozark (24 hour operation) or Faulkner Gate (during posted hours) for entrance, as the Daleville Gate cannot accommodate vehicles of that size. Closure of the Enterprise VCC should not significantly inconvenience visitors. It simply means visitors who don’t have a pass must obtain one from either the Daleville or Ozark VCCs. After obtaining a visitor badge, which is normally good for six months (unsponsored) or up to one year (sponsored), visitors can enter through any gate. Newton and Faulkner gates, as well as the Ozark and Enterprise VCC, are scheduled for closure during the Thanksgiving period Nov. 26-29. The Daleville Gate and VCC will remain open during this holiday period for those needing visitor badges. The Fort Rucker Director of Public Safety, Lt. Col. Florentino Santana, said, “I know these changes will impact the daily travel requirements for drivers and the many people who work, live or visit Fort Rucker. I ask drivers to remain patient while we work to mitigate any potential impacts at the other gates once these changes take effect. I recommend drivers adjust their travel plans accordingly in order to arrive at their destinations on time.”

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