Wed May 04 20:10:32 PDT 2016
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Global Catholic Network founder Mother Angelica has died

Mother Mary Angelica, a catholic nun who founded the largest Roman Catholic television network in the country, has died. She launched the Eternal Word Television Network or EWTN in 1981 out of a monastery's garage in Irondale, Alabama. According to its website, the channel now broadcasts to 264 million households around the world. The managing editor of EWTN’s news division says, "Mother Angelica is the only woman in the history of television to found and lead a cable network for 20 years." EWTN’s website says Mother Angelica died after a lengthy struggle with the after-effects of a stroke. Father Patrick Gallagher of St. Columba Catholic Church in Dothan said, "It’s a marvelous combination of the divine and the human at work and she was a great example of that. She was able to let God lead her and guide her, and she had a sense of God’s presence all through her life to be able to do what she did." Gallahger says he's glad her suffering is over. Mother Angelica was 92 years old.

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