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No Zero Policy at Headland Middle School
Cynthia Washington

The Headland Middle School has implemented a new policy in regards to students who don't turn in graded work. It is called the "No Zero Policy." Principal Kevin Sanders says it has been in place for a while but now they have made some changes. The first change is it is mandatory the student has to completes the assignment. Making the worst case scenario, the student sits in in-school suspension to finish the work. The next change is parents must be notified about the student's incomplete assignment. The school's policy is below. "HMS has adopted a new policy in regards to students who don't turn in graded work. If the assignment is not completed and turned in on the due date or it is unacceptable, the student will be given an "incomplete assignment form" that MUST be signed by the parent and returned with assignment on the next day for a possible 70% credit. If a student fails to bring the assignment to school the next day, then the "incomplete assignment form" will be sent to the main office and the student will be required to stay in after school detention to complete the assignment for a possible 60% credit. If the student fails to attend after school detention, he or she will be sent to TOR on the following day to complete the assignment for a possible 50% credit. The student will remain in TOR until the assignment is completed. Please encourage your student to complete all assignments by the required due date. Contact the school office if you have any questions regarding this policy. "

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