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Westgate Trail Safety
Sarah Chaffee

Whether you walk or run, before you hit the trail, ask yourself if you are taking the necessary safety precautions. Dothan Police Corporal Susie Peters, a safety expert, says that small things can make a big difference, "First and foremost I would just tell everyone to be observant of their surroundings and to know what's going on around them" explained Peters. Local trail goers agree, Margaret Doile said she is always sure to, "Make eye contact with people as they pass and pay attention to people around you." Debbie Tappan, another trail walker at Westgate stated, "I try to stay alert, I have my dog Brutus, and just keep your eyes open, look in the woods and keep your eyes on people around you at all times." "Someone that intends to do you harm is going to look for an easy target" said Peters. Along with being observant people have other methods they rely on. Andre Stokeoin said, “I usually run in groups with my friends to stay safe and we usually all just stay together" and Doile added, “One thing that my mom always told me is to run with one earphone in and one earphone out so you can hear what's going on around you." "I recommend daylight hours and i would discourage anything during the night, you want to stay in well-lit areas." When protecting yourself becomes a priority everyone wins, "And just small things like that can make a big difference" said Peters, because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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