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Sister Act Hardee's Pro Classic Style
Sarah Chaffee

Tennis is all the Ianchuck sisters have ever known, though Elizabeth has a few years on Olga, it's a passion that was instilled at a young age by their tennis coaching mom, "We actually didn't have any choice, we started playing tennis ever since we were young" explained older sister Elizabeth. Growing up spending countless hours practicing the same sport, with the same person on a daily basis began to wear on the girls, and disagreements on the off the court resulted in the weakening of their doubles game, "We always had a problem playing together because we were fighting" stated Elizabeth, "Like two years ago we couldn’t handle each other, now it’s gotten much better" added younger sister Olga. And the sisters admit that sometimes it takes distance to make the heart grow fonder, "We started to live separate, she lives in Ukraine with family and I live in Florida and am practicing, so we don't see each other most of the year" explained Elizabeth. As they grew older they were able to put their differences aside and capitalize on their sisterly bond,"She's my baby, I really miss her, now we are doing much better than before" said Elizabeth, "We fight a lot but we are still good, I love her" added Olga. Now reunited as doubles partners and most importantly sisters they feel their connection off the court brings an advantage on the court, "Like today she was at the first four games with me and it was two-all, I played great” stated Olga. "With her it's more easy, I don't need to say oh I’m sorry like normally girls do, they make a mistake and say sorry, here it's the opposite, she's like that's okay that was good" added Elizabeth. A duo on the court that they hope will last for years to come, but a duo off the court that they know will last a lifetime.

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