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Dothan Daycare Back in Cool Air after Long Search for Help
Blake Benberry

"This year our demand season is up about 20 percent over the last three years, so there's obviously a lot more stress on the systems," said Cal Turner of Bob Woodall’s Air Care Systems. When an air unit goes out in this heat, stress on contractors and customers can come at an all-time high. It was Thursday afternoon when a comfortable 73 degrees in Kiddie Care Learning Center in Dothan began to rise and owner, Kishia Saffold knew there was a problem. "This feels like it's getting hotter and feels like the heat is on," said Saffold. Moments after, the problem was confirmed. "I get a call from my Enterprise location that one of our units is out. ‘Ok gosh.’ We just had a unit out a couple weeks ago and then I get a text message that one of our units is out here in Dothan. ‘Aww man,’ that's the baby room unit. Wow that's terrible,’" Saffold continued. Racing against the clock and the heat, Saffold immediately got on the phone to see which company could come to help, but what she thought would take only a few minutes, turned into a lengthy process. "It took me calling around for two hours before I found somebody who could come out that same day. Everybody was telling me we'll come out the next morning. We can come out tomorrow. We been then melted by then." That somebody was Paulk's Service Company in Dothan and although the company was able to revive each of the malfunctioning units in a few hours. Saffold made sure to close the center early for the children’s’’ safety. "I knew it was going to be really inconvenient to call people, but I'd be pretty upset if my baby was sitting in a hot box," Saffold said. Kiddie Care Learning Center reached 86 degrees by 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon. According to the Alabama Department of Human Resources, the temperature in a child care facility must remain between 68 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Saffold says she makes sure to replace filters often, but as far as overall maintenance, she will leave it to the experts. "We recommend maintenance; do that during the off season before you get into the heat of summer to make sure it's operating efficiently because this heat is going to bring out any weaknesses in the system," said Turner. For now, cool air is once again flowing at Kiddie Care Learning Center. Local companies want to dispel a big misconception. They say turning air off during time away from home does not necessarily save you money. It also does not keep the system from malfunctioning. They say it is best economically and functionally to keep your unit running as much as possible.

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