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Shelby's message resonates well in Alabama and Dothan
Ken Curtis

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby’s message resonates well with Alabamians as evidenced by landslide election victories. Shelby, a 29-year veteran of the Senate, is seeking another term and there’s likely not a single person who doesn’t think he’ll win. Shelby does have Republican opposition, Jonathon McConnell and Shadrack McGill. Not exactly household names. Two little-known Democrats have aspirations of knocking Shelby off Capitol Hill. Shelby, on the other hand, is known by almost every voter in the state. Not to mention a campaign war chest filled with millions of dollars. But, perhaps what Shelby enjoys most is a message that resonates well in Republican dominated Alabama. Such was the case when he spoke Friday to the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce general membership breakfast. On President Obama’s gun control executive order this week: “He’s trying to tinker with our Constitutional Rights. The Second Amendment is not a suggestion, it’s the law of the land.” On 2016: “It’s a pivotal year for our country.” His comments were regarding the Presidential election. The senator said his party can retake the White House but not necessarily predicting Republican victory. On the likely GOP Presidential nominee: “I believe it’s boiling down at the moment to (Donald) Trump, (Ted) Cruz, and (Marco) Rubio. On Donald Trump: “He’s outspoken but that’s part of his persona.” On who he would like to win the White House: “I would take any of the candidates over who we have there now.” On possible sequestration and the future of Ft. Rucker: “(It’s) always on my agenda because it’s important to the nation and it’s important to you here. We’ll have to fight to keep Ft Rucker open but I can help.” Shelby is a senior member of the Defense Appropriations Committee. On mandated internet sales tax. “I support it.” On running for re-election again in 2021 when he’ll turn 88. “I’m maturing. My plan right now is to win this race.” Nobody doubts he will.

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