Mon Sep 15 21:58:22 PDT 2014
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Walton County Sheriff's Office Arrest Man for Soliciting Teen

21-year-old Garrett Scott Teal, of 2609 Palamino Trail, Crestview, was arrested on Saturday, September 6th. Teal is charged with “obscene communication use computer to seduce lure child.” An undercover investigation began in May 2014, using a smartphone application to target individuals soliciting minors to engage in sexual activity. On May 6, the investigator posted “Bored young female…J.” On the same day, Teal replied to the post by sending a private message. During the course of the conversation, it was made known to Teal that he was communicating with a 14-year-old girl. Teal knowingly solicited the minor to engage in sexual activity. Teal has been ordered by Judge David Green to have no contact with minors.

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