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Video: Officers save woman dangling from bridge
Ben Jordan

Two Hutchinson police officers are being honored for their actions in saving a person's life About a month ago, two officers were called to the 4th Street bridge to find a woman dangling on the outside of the railing. "I parked a ways back, I didn't want to intimidate her or scare her into doing anything," said officer Bobby Jarmer. Jarmer was the first officer to arrive and his patrol camera captured the entire event. Video shows the woman was hanging on only with her arms. Police say her intentions were to let go. "I tried to talk to her as calm as I could," said Jarmer. Minutes later, officer Todd Allen came to assist Jarmer. "We decided we needed to move quickly because it was really high from where she was at," said Allen. "She would probably get seriously hurt or die." Both officers grabbed the woman by an arm and pulled her over the railing safely. "We deal with people who have struggles everyday so just being able to get her up and over on the correct side of the bridge so we could talk to her and find out what's going on with her," added Allen. Their story received high praise when Hutchinson Police posted it on their Facebook page. It got over 700 'likes', and dozens of comments in just hours. "I think it's good to have the positive feedback in law enforcement instead of all the negative we've been receiving," said Jarmer. Jarmer and Allen say the main message to come out of this is for those suffering from mental illness. "Just get help, don't try to take things in your own hands," said Allen. Both officers will be given the lifesaving award, the fourth highest award in the department.

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