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Two injured, one seriously, in home invasion
Ken Curtis

Two people were injured, one seriously, during a home invasion robbery that occurred about midnight Wednesday in Dothan. Police investigator Justin Dodson said an undisclosed amount of cash was taken in the robbery. He said two men—perhaps three—forced their way into a home at Garden Estates along Hodgesville Road. “They went in and assaulted one of the residents severely. He is intensive care at a hospital,” said Dodson. Injuries to a second person were less serious and a third person in the home was not hurt. The men ran from the scene about the time officers arrived after a 9-1-1 call was received from one of the victims. “This is a high priority case. We really don’t have a lot of home invasions in Dothan so certainly we’re wanting to solve this case quickly,” Dodson said.

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