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Kolomoki Mounds Preparing for 45th Kolomoki Festival
Ashton Wright

BLAKELY, GA - The 45th annual Kolomoki Festival is this weekend. While it's a time for lots of fun and good food, park officials hope you'll also take time to explore the park's other attractions. Festival-goers will find arts and crafts and food vendors. There will be archery and Native American demonstrators and a new attraction sure to catch the kids' attention. "The DNR simulator allows you to practice your game hunting but through a computer," said assistant park manager Lauren Lamber. "It's got duck hunting, bear hunting." Kolomoki Mounds is the oldest, largest Woodland Indian site in the southeastern United States. It's home to Georgia's oldest great temple mound and six others. Counting the number of steps it takes to get to the top of the temple mound is a favorite for children. There are 81, by the way. But that's just one attraction. "We also have canoes, kayaks and john boats that you can rent, plenty of playgrounds, camping." The park is already planning its 50th festival. The festival is free to get in. There is a $5 parking fee.

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