Mon May 02 01:28:05 PDT 2016
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Enterprise Holds Prayer Vigil
Sarah Chaffee

Rash acts of violence, something the city of progress is not accustomed to, "We want to keep it peaceful and quiet here in the city of enterprise" explained Enterprise resident Jean Hart. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. Since February alone, three people have been killed and others have been injured in separate shootings. Which is the exact reason why Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell called for a prayer vigil, "We look to God not only for the good times, but also the bad, and we depend on him solely" said Boswell. The community gathered by the hundreds to sing songs of praise and encouragement, and several prayers, went up. Also, an example of how tight-knit the community really is, "God has all of this in his hands anyway, but it’s when we come together and we pray, I really think that it’s going to make a huge difference and have a huge impact and just to let other people know we aren't going to put up with it" stated Enterprise resident Tammy Albritton. All ready for an end in violence and crime in the community, and progressing forward in harmony.

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