Mon Mar 30 03:41:35 PDT 2015
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Blakely Hosts Annual Peanut Proud Festival

A parade, a 5 k run a walk around Blakely's historic square. All a recipe for another tasty Peanut Proud Festival. Festival coordinators say its a perfect time for a few free treats. Our famous Peanut Proud Peanut Butter that we're giving everybody that comes by we're also giving out crustables, peanut butter sandwichiches, griilled is here today as well. We're giving out as many products as we can to show people how important the peanut is in this area in the southeast ," Spearman says for the past seven years the festival has been a town favorite. "We decided that we wanted to do something to salute the peanuts, how important it is in the area." So how important are peanuts to southeast Georgia? "The peaunt is the heartbeat of this whole community. Its about a two billion dollar industry in the state of Georgia." And with such a growing industry after Saturday's festival is over their efforts don't end. "The other is the peanut proud humanitarian effort where we deliver this peanut butter that we rais e money and buy more peanut butter and give it to various disasters across the country."

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