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"All Paws In" Campaign Raises Thousands for Humane Society
Blake Benberry

Just last week, the dogs and cats at the Wiregrass Humane Society were crying wolf due to the heat. Thanks to Cherry & Irwin law firm and the Wiregrass community, the animals are now basking in the cool air. As of today, the "All Paws In" campaign has raised $11,000. The fundraiser was launched by Cherry & Irwin in response to the Wiregrass Humane Society's dire need of a new air conditioning system. Their air conditioner had become insufficient over the years and repairs were not doing enough. After the Wiregrass Humane Society reached out to Ben & Irwin, the law firm offered to pay for a brand new system in advance. Due to the broken air conditioner, hundreds of dogs and cats were suffering from the extreme heat and many were becoming ill. Cherry and Irwin, along with the humane society, called on the community to help with the effort. Managing partner, Ben Irwin, made the announcement Thursday, expressing his thanks to the Wiregrass community as well as those who donated from across the nation after hearing about the story. He also urged the community to continue helping the Wiregrass Humane Society as much as possible in the future. "The Wiregrass Humane Society's needs continue every day. They constantly need help. They constantly need support. We challenge the next group of individuals…the next corporate leaders to come up and help the Wiregrass Humane Society. Help these little friends. Help these little furry babies get the comfort and care, love and support they need to transition from either an abused or bad situation to now moving on to a future of a loving home," said Irwin. Irwin introduced Lexi Harris at Thursday’s press conference. After hearing about the “All Paws In” campaign, the Northview High School Junior launched her own fundraiser to help the humane society. She will be hosting a car wash at the AutoZone on the Circle on Sunday, May 31, 2015 from 12pm to 3pm. All proceeds will go to the Wiregrass Humane Society. The Wiregrass Humane Society provides tax documentation for all charitable contributions.

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