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New Dothan City Schools Superintendent to Begin Duties
Bridgette Bjorlo

The wait for a permanent Dothan City Schools superintendent is over. Dr. Charles Ledbetter officially assumed the role on Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Ledbetter moved to Dothan from Georgia, where he previously served as superintendent for the Dublin City Schools. The Auburn University Graduate articulated big plans for the Dothan School system, including promoting hands-on learning, “I can’t tell you what a second grader will be doing for work 20 years from now,” he said in an interview. “What I can tell you is that if they’re critical thinkers, if they’re problem solvers, if they’re communicators, and if they’re learners, they’re always going to be successful.” Another item on his agenda remains improving graduation rates. In the past decade, Dothan City Schools faced a graduation rate of just 60 percent. That figure jumped to 90 percent last year, and Ledbetter plans to continue that upward trend. “Most students who quit school don’t quit when they’re 16,” Ledbetter said. “They actually quit when they’re in fourth or fifth grade. When I was a principal, I used to ask when someone used to come in and drop out: ‘When did you quit?’ And they knew exactly what I meant and could tell me the class and how old they were, so we really need to grab those students’ attention and get them involved to love learning early on while they’re young.” Ledbetter spent 19 of his 25-year education career in the state of Alabama and said he looks forward to returning to his roots. "Well I'm excited about getting going here in Dothan,” Ledbetter said. “I've met a lot of great educators here and want to build those relationships and want to continue to improve things for students and the community."

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