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Houston County gas tax running on fumes, will likely die Tuesday
Ken Curtis

A Houston County gas tax vote proposal will likely die Tuesday in the Alabama legislature. It seeks to implement a four cent a gallon increase to fund road and bridge repairs. A bill calling for a November referendum was introduced nearly two weeks ago by Rep. Paul Lee (R-Dothan). However, both Lee and Houston County Chairman Mark Culver said there were problems with language in the bill and it was sent back to Legislative Reference Service to be corrected. Lee said it generally takes at least five days for a bill to clear the legislative process—the same number left in this session. Statehouse records show the bill is not scheduled to be considered Tuesday. Houston County Commissioners voted April 11 in favor of a resolution seeking the referendum. Under Alabama law, county governments must receive approval from the legislature to conduct a such a vote. Chairman Mark Culver said if okayed by the public over $3-million additional dollars annually would be generated exclusively for road and bridge work. Culver, responding to a text message Monday, said he did not believe the bill was yet dead.

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