Fri Nov 28 07:54:33 PST 2014
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District 5 Interim Dothan City Commissioner Susan Anderson Sworn in
Jessica Leicht

Dothan city commissioners fill the District 5 seat for the time being. Susan Anderson was sworn in this morning as the Interim District 5 Commissioner. She's taking the place of Taylor Barbaree who resigned earlier this month. Anderson is the owner of Eagle Eye Outfitters. Anderson says she's excited to have this opportunity. "I really hope that I can just be a fair and honest representation for the citizens in district 5. Just to help everything flow smoothly until we get the election over with in February,” Anderson said. A special election will be held on February 10th to select a commissioner to fill Barbaree's seat. If that race goes to a run-off, it would be held on March 24th.

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