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Mayor's Ride for Fitness

Some of Britni Connell's fondest memories include riding a bike, "My mom taught me, and it was a good way for us to get together and spend time outside." It’s something that she enjoys so much, "I listen to music, talk to friends, and wave at other people on the trail" she wants others to suit up for a good ride, and enjoy the fun. Connell explained, "This day and age you don't see as many people out riding bikes, little kids sit at home and do nothing." Which is why she's excited about the upcoming Mayor's ride for fitness, this Saturday at Westgate Park. Everyone is invited to bring their bike and ride the loop at Westgate Park, but the fun doesn't stop there. There will also be a fitness fair after the ride, "It's definitely good that he is doing this to promote good health and good family time." Connell hope to see more people on the trail after the event, but as for herself, she plans to be on the trail for a while longer, "Until I’m dead in the grave, or until I just can't possibly ride anymore" laughed Connell. She hopes a new generation joins her, but with a helmet!

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