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Caught on cam: Zoo tiger "sprays" family
Matthew Smith

A Papillion family got a closer look at nature than expected on Thursday. A tiger at the Henry Doorly Zoo sprayed the DeBusk family as Kyle DeBusk videotaped the whole thing. Kyle, who was with her two children, hadn't seen the tigers so active in the past so she pulled out a camera to videotape. Seconds later, the large animal turned and sprayed Kyle and her two children. Watch the family's awkward encounter, here. "It's just the last thing you expect to happen," said Skip DeBusk, Kyle's husband. DeBusk told WOWT 6 News that they're all laughing now, but at the time his 4-year-old was shocked while his 10-month-old boy was crying. He's not upset, noting that animals will be animals. In fact, DeBusk tweeted the video at the zoo, which ended up drawing tens of thousands of viewers. "I guess we're not the only ones that see the humor in it," said DeBusk. "If everyone's getting a laugh out of it, that's pretty good." DeBusk thinks the tiger was trying to cover the scent of another tiger on a pole nearby where the family was standing. The video shows the large cat sniffing the pole and making noises shortly before it sprayed the family. "It's just one of those big shocks. Obviously you don't think it's going to happen, but it did," said DeBusk with a laugh. Watch the family's awkward encounter, here.

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