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SAMC Annouces Plans for Expansion of Neonatal Service
Press Release

Southeast Alabama Medical Center has signed a letter of intent with Sheridan Healthcare Inc., to plan for the provision of Neonatologists that will allow more newborns who need specialized care to stay closer to home. Currently, most newborns needing specialized care born at SAMC and surrounding hospitals are transferred to other facilities outside the region, resulting in a hardship for parents and family. SAMC and Sheridan Healthcare will work together to provide the only Level IIB Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the region by this fall. The Level IIB NICU will allow many babies born throughout the region who are premature or seriously ill to either remain at SAMC or be transferred in to SAMC for neonatology inpatient care. “We are pleased to be partnering with Sheridan Healthcare to provide specialized care for newborns,” said SAMC CEO Ronald S. Owen. “This NICU will offer parents throughout the region expanded services without the stress of having to travel outside the area.” Through the proposed partnership, Sheridan Healthcare will provide neonatologists at SAMC. Neonatologists are trained specifically to handle complex and high-risk situations. “Our 30 years’ experience in children’s services has allowed Sheridan Healthcare to become an industry-leader in supporting local hospital partners to provide expanded care to at risk newborns,” Richard Auerbach, MD, senior vice president of Sheridan’s Children’s Services Division. “Partnering with SAMC’s specially trained neonatal clinical team will help ensure the area’s most fragile babies can be cared for here at home.” The proposed NICU will be housed within the SAMC Women’s Center.

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