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Supporters of 2-Year-Old Fighting Cancer Give Family Support

A wave of encouragement washed over Molly Johnson and her family on Sunday. Molly's battling cancer for the second time, after being diagnosed at two months old. "She's has alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Its most commonly known as RABDO or RMS." says Karissa Dasinger. Dasinger is a friend of the Johnson's, she says this ceremony couldn't have come at a better time. Dasinger invited local pastors to not only uplift the Johnson family but also to strengthen the community. "I just felt God place this on my heart that this is something we should-we need to do. we needed to gather these people here today that are like minded believers that are believing in her healing. " Since her cancer returned those who know the 2-year-old she's living up to her nick-name, Miracle Molly. "She's doing good. She's happy, she's growing, she's thriving." That resilience is inspiring others. Dasinger believes Molly is a fighter. But the battle isn't over. "The cancer has spread since her last scans" As her family prepares for more chemo and long nights in the hospital the people who love Molly are trusting in something bigger than cancer. "We're believing in the healing that God is doing in her life."

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