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Veterans Saluted with Free Medical & Dental Care November 7th and 14th

Panama City, FL….All area veterans are invited to free medical and dental care at PanCare Health’s Community Health Centers throughout Bay (November 7), Calhoun, Holmes, Liberty, Walton, and Washington Counties (November 14.) PanCare offers medical clinics in all six counties. Dental clinics are located in Panama City and Freeport, Florida. Veterans do need an appointment at all medical and dental clinics and are asked to bring any form of documentation which shows they were honorably discharged from the U.S. military. Income status is irrelevant. Free dental services for veterans at the Panama City and Freeport dental clinics include exams, x-rays, extractions, fillings and cleanings. Medical services include ear and eye exams, blood pressure checks, and screenings for blood sugar, oxygen levels and hemoglobin. “We’re proud of our veterans,” says Mike Hill, president and chief executive officer of PanCare Health, a non-profit organization which operates Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Bay, Calhoun, Holmes, Walton, Washington and Liberty counties. “This is a good way for us to express our appreciation for all they have done to protect our country.” “Often times we forget to express our gratitude to those individuals, our veterans, who have made sacrifices for America and our rights to live as a free people,” says Hill. “November 7th’s Stand Up for Veterans Day at our clinics in Bay County and November 14th at our Calhoun, Holmes, Liberty, Walton and Washington Counties is one way the staff of PanCare Health have chosen to recognize their service in defense of America, its ideals and the individual freedoms each of us enjoy as Americans.” Veterans must make an appointment by calling PanCare’s Community Health Centers of their choice for the services they need. November 7: Bay County • PanCare Health (Medical), 2309 East 15th Street, Panama City (850) 747-5272 • PanCare Health (Dental), 707-A Jenks Avenue, Panama City (850) 767-3350 November 14: Calhoun, Holmes, Liberty, Walton, Washington Counties • PanCare Health (Medical), 16875 North Cayson Street, Blountstown (850) 674-2244 • PanCare Health (Medical), 495 St. Johns Road, Bonifay (850) 547-5547 • PanCare Health (Medical), 11033 NW State Road 20, Bristol (850) 643-1155 • PanCare Health (Medical), 1414 Main Street, Suite 4, Chipley (850) 676-4926 • PanCare Health (Medical & Dental), 479 East Highway 20, Freeport (850) 880-6568 Veterans can also make reservations for their free appointment online at www.PanCareFL.org and submitting a reservation on the “Stand Up For Veterans” webpage.

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