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Together Again? Newly elected Jones may ask Valeska stay on in D.A. office
Ken Curtis

District Attorney elect Pat Jones said Tuesday he would like to speak with outgoing D.A. Doug Valeska about being part of his staff. “I’ve very much considered that. I think he’s a good prosecutor,” Jones told members of the Dothan Kiwanis Club. He said plans are to retain the current staff and all options, including Valeska, are open. Jones won election earlier this month. He will become district attorney for Houston and Henry Counties in January when Valeksa’s term ends. “I’m honored Mr. Jones has such confidence in me. However, it’s still a long way off before I leave office and it’s too early to make a decision on my future,” Valeska said. He didn’t rule out interest. Valeska is 64 and fully vested in the Alabama Retirement System. He said future endeavors must include the ability to spend more time with his family. “What I will do, for sure, is work toward a smooth transition. I will help Pat anyway I can and he’s welcome in the office during my final months. I wish him the very best.” The two previously worked together early in Jones’ career when he served as an assistant district attorney under Valeska.

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