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ATF Proposes Ban on Certain Ammunition

A proposed ammunition ban from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has gun enthusiasts upset. They say the ban is a violation of their second amendment rights. In the gun business - the latest talk is the ATF's proposed ban on ammo for ar-15's. "What's that's done though is created a scare to where anything that's 556 is flying off the shelves, yesterday alone we probably sold 6-7,000 rounds of 223 or 556." Colton May is a manager at Liberty Arms in Lincoln. He says his ammo shelf is not only cleared out...but prices are peaking online. May said, "10-11 bucks, you know, for a box of 20 now I've seen it priced for 20 bucks, even higher and that's just a small batch of ammunition." While the AR-15 has a military and law enforcement background, it's become one of may's most popular sellers. He says sportsmen use it to hunt, and it's a frequent choice at the shooting range. Gun owner Nick Lind is one of many opponents of the ban. "It's like well I'm not going to buy the gun if I can get the ammo, so you know, the distributors that have the gun have to raise the price and so it's just cause and effect." Opponents like Nick also argue the proposed ban is a violation of their second amendment rights. After legislation previously failed, it's just another way to stop the use of AR-15's. "To me it seems like you're just angry because you couldn't get what you wanted the first time, so you're going after it a different way." While the ban might not affect all shooters, May says it'll take a hit on the gun business. "What effects this industry, whether it be something small like this, it can always snowball and turn into something else and anything that's against people going out and enjoying the sport, and hunting or just shooting at the range I can't say I'm a big fan of." The ATF is trying to adjust to the marketing of dangerous, hybrid guns to the public. They also say the ATF has to be responsive to the gun market in an effort to protect law enforcement officers.

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