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Did Rebekah Mason tell governor she will resign as top aide?
Ken Curtis

Rebekah Caldwell Mason told friends and fellow staff members she offered to resign as Governor Robert Bentley’s senior political advisor. That’s what at least two people who work in the Capitol said Tuesday on the condition their name not be used. An email to the governor’s press office seeking comment was not answered. Technically, Mason is not employed by the governor’s office. Instead, her company—Mason is the only employee--- is paid by campaign funds and a foundation formed to advance Bentley’s political agenda. Mason remains at the center of a media firestorm that has calmed little since public allegations were made that she and Bentley had (have) an ongoing sexual relationship. Spencer Collier made the claims last week, one day after the governor fired him as Secretary of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. Collier’s statement that the affair had been ongoing since August, 2014 did not surprise media members. Reporters had been told for well over a year that Bentley and Mason were having a tryst. The story bobbled near the surface when first lady Dianne Bentley filed for divorce last summer. However, it became submerged again because nobody would do then what Collier did now---say publicly that our 72-year old governor has a girlfriend. It seems that the pressure on Bentley to resign is stepped up each day. Some say publicly he needs to step down. Privately, even his staunchest supports---and there are few---also believe he should quit. That brings us criminal probes. The Alabama Ethics Commission has opened up an investigation into whether the governor used state resources to carry out his carrying on. Bentley admits to inappropriate conduct but denies a physical relationship with Mason. Meanwhile, multiple reports say federal and state investigators, including those from the attorney general’s office, are looking to see if Bentley used his office for his personal…. uh, benefit.

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