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Gulf World Opens New Indoor Stingray Habitat
Press Release

Gulf World Marine Park will be hosting a Stingray Bay ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new habitat and interactive program on Wednesday, May 27th at 3:30 p.m. The Panama City Beach, Bay County and Walton Counter Chambers, the TDC and public officials will be in attendance. Touching and feeding will be available for guests. A live stingray encounter will occur during the ceremony. Refreshments to follow in the Garden room overlooking Stingray Bay. Stingray Bay is now open to the public at Gulf World Marine Park. This 20,000 gallon indoor habitat houses cownose and southern stingrays. Visitors have the opportunity to touch and feed these beautiful creatures during hourly feeding times. Touching stingrays is available throughout the day after guests wash hands and remove jewelry. Food is available for purchase prior to scheduled feeding times. Our stingrays are on a controlled diet so food is sold while supplies last. This activity is included in park admission. Admission tickets can be purchased at the park or online at gulfworldmarinepark.com. STINGRAY INTERACTIVE PROGRAM For an exciting and personalized experience at Gulf World Marine Park, guests have the opportunity to sign up for the Stingray Encounter. The participants will join the stingrays in their habitat. They will kneel down in the water to touch, feed and interact with these graceful creatures and learn about how stingrays eat and survive in their environment. Guests will become acquainted with two species of stingrays, cownose (bat ray) and southern stingray. A photographer will be present to capture photos of the experience which will be put on a CD and is included in the price of the program. Participants are required to be at least 48 inches tall. There can be up to 6 people in each session and reservations are required. Reservations can be made at Gulf World or online at gulfworldmarinepark.com.

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