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Man wanted for robbery gives false name of person sought by police
Ken Curtis

A Dothan man was arrested on multiple charges including robbery, forgery, criminal trespassing, domestic violence, and resisting arrest. Police Lieutenant Will Glover said Justin Cordelro Britt had been sought for about two weeks on the robbery charge and domestic before compounding his legal problems. Glover said Britt was initially sought for forcibly stealing a purse belonging to his girlfriend and stabbing her in the leg. Police, several days later, received reports of a man threatening to commit suicide. Glover said when officers arrived, Britt bolted and ran into a nearby home not belonging to him. When Britt was later apprehended he allegedly gave a false name to police. Glover said the person Britt claimed to be was wanted on multiple misdemeanor warrants. Britt later signed appearance bonds at the city jail using the false identity. Britt was charged with five counts of forgery second degree in connection with illegally signing the bonds. He also faces an obstruction of justice charge. Additionally, Britt is accused of robbery in the theft of the purse, domestic violence for the stabbing, criminal trespassing, and resisting arrest. Glover said the victim in the robbery and stabbing suffered minor injuries.

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