Sat Oct 25 22:39:27 PDT 2014
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Dale County Dispatchers Pleased with New Emergency Response System
Courtney Crown

DALE COUNTY -- The Ozark-Dale County E911 recently changed their emergency response system from analog to digital. This change comes after 14 years of using their original response system. The central office began the installation process earlier this summer and have just recently made a complete switch to the new system. The new radios and consoles provide better coverage for the communities and agencies that depend on the Ozark-Dale County E911 dispatchers. They can now send and receive more information than they could in the past. The agencies now have more channels which frees up communication. For example, if an officer called in during a special event, dispatchers could talk to them on the "special events" line pertaining to the specific agency. This leaves other channels open if an emergency were to arise. The funding comes from a shared grant between Ozark-Dale County E911 and the Ozark Fire Department.

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