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City of Elba Prepares for Revitalization

The City of Elba wasn't only celebrating the upcoming 4th of July weekend but also their city and its future plans of revitalization. With the help of main street Alabama, a team of innovators ready to give Elba a new look city leaders are confident. "We need to build Elba back up so i think this is going to give us the emphasis and structure that we need and the help that we need to do exactly that." Mayor Micky Murdock says he's excited to have been chosen by the group. "There are only like 19 cities in the state of Alabama that are designated Main Street. we happen to be the smallest one of those cities.. Small but with big plans in mind. "Being able to come into a small town like Elba is pretty exciting because you have the love for your community and sometimes small towns are able to succeed quicker because you have everybody involved. With a recommended 5 year plan Main Street Alabama says they want to give Elba the boost they need and deserve.

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