Wed May 04 10:48:45 PDT 2016
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Daleville man already in trouble with the law busted on child porn charges
Ken Curtis

A Daleville man awaiting trial on sex related charges now faces nine additional felonies. Andrew Patrick Bywater, 55, was charged this past week with ten counts of possessing child pornography. The charges stem from a search warrant executed at Bywater’s home and is related to earlier arrests, according to Daleville Police Department Lt. Stacy Austin. He said child porn images were found on a computer by forensics experts. Bywater has pending charges for sex abuse, electronic solicitation of minors for the purpose of having sex, and promoting prostitution. They stem from arrests in 2014 and 2015. “This has been an ongoing investigation and we’ve worked a lot of man hours that resulted in the arrest,” Austin said. Bywater was jailed under $50,000 bond on the child pornography charges. He was previously free on bond related to the other charges.

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