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Houston County Jail Ensures Security
Chelsi Howman

Law enforcement in Houston County is doing everything they can think of to ensure the security of their jail facility, as well as the safety of the community. Recent prison breaks and jail fights have raised questions about jail security all over the country. Here in Houston County, authorities are making sure that their jails are secure. "We do everything we can possibly do to make sure that the jail is safe and secure not only for the inmates who are friends, family and loved ones of someone in this community, but we also want to make sure our jail is safe for the staff," said Keith Reed, Captain of the Corrections Bureau of the Houston County Jail. Included in those security measures are high fences and barbed wire, windows reinforced in rebar, more than 90 security cameras both inside and outside the facility, as well as staff on hand to break up any possible altercations. "On the occasion that inmates get into fights staff responds, breaks up the fight. All of the inmates in that area are placed into their cells so that we can conduct a criminal investigation into the event," said Reed. The fights are treated and investigated as criminal cases. This ensures that the facility is safe both outside and inside. "The community just needs to have faith in the law enforcement officers in the sheriff's office, the men and women in the Dothan police department and other agencies that they're doing their jobs," said Reed. "I tell every deputy on their first day working here, you do your job and you do your job right and if that's going on, then the community can feel safe that the law enforcement officers and the men and women in this facility and others are ok and that's going to translate into their safety in the community as well," Reed said. Safety. Which is a top priority for Reed and his entire staff at the Houston county jail. The Houston County jail is currently housing a little more than 250 inmates, all of which are safe and secure inside the facility. Reed says the majority of escapes that occur in our community are a result of the work release program. The Houston County jail does not currently have that program in place at their facility.

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