Fri Jul 25 00:00:24 PDT 2014
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Authorities Arrest Man for Meth

On Tuesday, July 22nd, members the Walton County Sheriff’s Office assisted State Probation Officers on an administrative search of 351 Four Mile Road, Freeport. The resident, 35-year-old Lawrence Aucoin, who was present at the time of the search, was found to be in direct vicinity of used “shake and bake” cook vessels. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office Vice/Narcotics Unit secured a probable cause search warrant for the residence due to the findings of the State Probation Officers. After the execution of the search warrant, the Vice/Narcotics Unit located muriatic acid, Coleman fuel, lighter fluid, cut lithium batteries and coffee filters in the area where the cook vessels were located previously. Lawrence Aucion was arrested and charged with Manufacturing of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

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