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Mark Culver: 2014 was a Success for Houston County
Ashton Wright

2014 was a big year for Houston County. County Commission Chairman Mark Culver says one of the biggest accomplishments was the county's move from the administration building during renovations. County offices temporarily relocated to the old Mayer Electric Building while the administration building underwent an ESCO project to become more energy efficient. Culver says now that they're back in the admin building, they've seen a significant amount of energy savings. That project also included renovations to the county courthouse and jail. Culver says the county also saw many road projects through the ATRIP program. He says those projects helped spur some of the economic development the county experienced this year. "You know, we are the hub so we want to get people into our community to work so that's why those roads are so important. and as part of that we have been able to get Commercial Jet located here this year; Glasstream now up and operational." Culver went on to say that smaller companies are also coming back to the county. He added the economy is looking good to start off 2015 and more economic development news is coming soon.

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