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Giving Back on Thanksgiving
Sarah Chaffee

Thanksgiving, a day where people celebrate many things, including traditions and for Mama Tina and her son Kenneth it’s no different, a day where they celebrate a tradition they started 14 years ago. "They are waiting on us to come today" said Mama Tina owner of Mama Tina’s Mission House and by “They” she means anyone who is hungry knows that year after year a Thanksgiving meal will be delivered to them. A tradition that Mama Tina takes very seriously, “They know we are going to do this and we feel like I don't care if someone wants to send us to the moon, we cannot let them down" said Mama Tina. It’s also a tradition that has others wanting to join in, to lend a helping hand and experience the gratification of giving. "My whole family is here actually so we come every year it’s a nice thing to give back to folks on thanksgiving" said a volunteer while preparing food. "Year after year we don't even have to call and ask anyone they call us to ask if they can help they want to go out there and ride with me and serve the people" said Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, also the son of Mama Tina and founder of the Thanksgiving feeding program. A hands on experience for people to help someone else, "They want to connect its humanity people want to connect with people, people want to be there for people, people want to have the opportunity its makes me know that they want the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else" said Glasgow. A time for people to reflect on what they are thankful for, "It’s quite a humbling thing especially for my kids to realize how many people do not have thanksgiving dinner on a day like this" said a volunteer working at the event. A meal passed on by giving hands from folks around the community, "We are trying to fulfill he mission god gave us to do because everyone has a purpose here and i feel that that's my purpose" said Mama Tina. Another year of countless donations, helping hands, hundreds of finished plates. A growing tradition and the opportunity for more to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

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