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Senator Sessions Takes the Wiregrass
Toneshia Watkins

US Senator Jeff Sessions made his way to the Wiregrass Monday for a Town Hall Meeting. He had quiet a bit to say regarding controversial national topics. When asked about how he felt regarding the US Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage... "Very disappointed in that ruling. They just declared a ruling and basically said that the US Constitution has in it language that says that same sex marriages should be recognized by all 50 states." Senator Sessions also made some remarks regarding a hot button issue, the Confederate Flag being removed from the Alabama State Capitol. " I know that there are good people our African-American brothers and sisters who see that flag and to some degree it did sprout up more prominently in the Civil Rights Movement and they see that as a hostility or a negative thing more than a lot of people think and so I think that I'm not gonna criticize the governor for making the decision that he made." He also spoke to many concerned community members about military budget cuts. "We're not going to have any cuts in the military. If nothing were going to be done it would be flat basically the same as last year. We moved a bill in the senate to add 19 or 23 billion to defense department over last year which is a big sizable increase that will be felt and i think that will become law."

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