Thu Feb 26 15:26:54 PST 2015
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Caring Worker Saves Senior Citizen From Scam Attempt
Press Release

An 86 year old Niceville resident who didn’t realize she was being scammed was able to hold on to her money thanks to a customer service employee at the Winn-Dixie on East State Road 20. The senior citizen, who lives alone, reports that she had received a phone call this morning from a young man purporting to be her great- grandson. He told her he was in jail in the Dominican Republic and needed $900 as soon as possible to get out of jail and be able to fly home. He made her promise not to tell his parents and told her to wire money to a Western Union office in the city of Mao, Dominican Republic. Once the transaction was complete, the Niceville resident was instructed to call “Officer John Harris” at the American Embassy and give him the tracking number. The phone number provided was 1-514-999-0027. This is an ongoing scam that continually resurfaces all across the U.S. Luckily the OCSO was contacted by a concerned employee at the Winn Dixie (4512 East State Road 20) where the elderly female went to try to send a Western Union money order. The deputy was able to track down the victim’s great-grandson, who was in his dorm room at his school in Indiana. The deputy also called the number given for “Officer Harris” which contains an area code for Montreal Canada. He says a woman who answered the phone as “American Embassy” quickly hung up once he identified himself as a law enforcement officer.

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