Tue Sep 02 22:00:03 PDT 2014
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Companies are Looking for Employees
Cynthia Washington

Last week, local employers, Dothan city leaders and minority community leaders met in hopes of finding out why jobs are not being filled. It has many people scratching their heads. Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz says he's not sure why. He says the jobs are out there but the resumes are just not coming in. He feels when you go into the community and ask people why they don't have a job, they say there are none. But when you talk to employers they say they are always looking for people. He says Glassstream, Commercial Jet, Panhandle Converter and Bob Woodall Air Care Systems all need employees now. He says his goal is to connect people with jobs and he's hoping a new program will help. Right now the program is in the planning phase and we will learn more next week.

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