Wed Apr 01 03:41:22 PDT 2015
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Mitch McNab Back To Prison
Madeleine Hackett

After a short stint outside of prison...convicted Dothan Attorney Mitch Mcnab is being sent back back to Kilby Prison Representative Paul Lee tells WTVY that he contacted the governor's office upon hearing that McNab had switched prisons and was on work release at the Lawrence County jail. His move to the Lawrence County Jail drew protest from Lee, District Attorney Doug Valeska, and many others, who were blindsided by the move. The corrections website classifies McNab as a minimum security inmate which was what allowed him to work out in the community on a full-time basis. Lee tells WTVY that McNab should be back at Kilby Prison by Thursday. Circuit Judge P.B. Mclauchlin Jr. sentenced McNab last month to a 20-year split sentence, with five years to serve in prison after he stole nearly 10.5 million dollars from his clients.

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