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Abbeville Home Invasion
Cynthia Washington

The search is on for two men who broke into a home in Abbeville and beat-up a 15-year-old boy. The teen is now recovering from his injuries but police want to know who is behind the attack. The alleged assault happened on the 100 block of Gilliam Street in Abbeville around 8 'o'clock Wednesday night. Police say two men wearing orange ski masks were inside the house when a 15-year-old boy came home from his churches youth group. Police say they beat up the boy and ran off. The teen was taken to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center but has been released. Neighbors say while home invasions are not unusual in that neighborhood but they are usually not that violent. Police need your help in finding the two men. They say they are looking for two black males around 6-feet tall with a slender build. If you have information about this case you are asked to call the Henry County Sheriff's Office 334-585-3131.

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