Thu Sep 18 14:45:39 PDT 2014
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EPA Claims Crews Violated Clean Air Act at Saints Apartments
Matthew McClellan

Saints Apartments are no longer standing, but the shadow of controversy stands taller than ever at the site where crews removed asbestos from the building in the spring of 2013. The Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority in August. It claims the group violated the Clean Air Act 11 times during the asbestos removal and demolition at Saints Apartments. Jansen Tidmore, executive director for DDRA, maintains that proper procedures were followed. "We're not here to make a few people happy or cater to a few people with ulterior motives and their own agendas," he says. "We're here to better downtown for the whole community." If a judge rules that those violations did happen, the DDRA could pay more than $37,000 for each day the alleged violations occurred.

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