Tue Jul 07 11:00:38 PDT 2015
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Storm thunderstorms threaten flooding, knocks out power
Ken Curtis

A severe thunderstorm Sunday morning interrupted electrical service and left drainage ditches near capacity. Frequent lightning strikes and heavy rains moved across Dothan for nearly an hour beginning at 8:15. Power, mostly in the southeast part of town, was knocked out when transformers were struck by lightning. Flames soared from one in the 1100 block of Valley Forge Road as firefighters waited on utility crews to arrive. A lightning strike at Calvary Baptist Church damaged a computer that displays song lyrics to the congregation. The staff hastily printed the words out on paper. Drainage ditches neared capacity before quickly receding after the rains eased. A small waterway on North Cherokee spilled from its banks causing minor flooding. A small flood-pronged stretch of West Selma was briefly overcome with water. There were no traffic accidents reported as many opted to stay off roadways.

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