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Donny Bynum retires as Dale County superintendent
Ken Curtis

A 32-year education career came to an end Friday when Donny Bynum retired as Dale County School Superintendent. History may judge Bynum by the way he handled the “Boy in the Bunker” crises three years ago. Right or wrong, it is his defining moment in the eyes of many. Calm as a cucumber, Bynum handled intense pressure when bus driver Charles Poland was shot to death as several students looked on in horror. One of them, a special needs pupil named Ethan, who was held hostage before a daring rescue freed him almost a week later. Bynum’s efforts won him honors. Driving toward one last visit to Dale County Middle School Friday, Bynum passed within a couple of miles of where the big news networks gathered in 2013 to broadcast the story around the globe. There was no urge to stop---all visual reminders of the tragedy have long been removed. Instead, Bynum went to visit special needs students. Smiling as they climbed on his knees to the outgoing superintendent big hugs. He visited another classroom where students wished him good luck. Bynum telling them it’s his wife, Paula, that needs luck since she’ll be around him more than at any time since they married. Bynum said he may work “some” in the future but, for now, he’ll be content to spend time with his family that includes first grandchild. Bynum served in numerous capacities during his career including the past seven years as superintendent.

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