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Man who confessed to sex abuse charges hopes to receive probation
Ken Curtis

A man was ordered to serve eight years in prison for the sexual abuse of two family members. What make this case unique is Christopher Scott Braden walked into the Dale County Sheriff’s Office and confessed. Court records show Braden, 42, was recently sentenced to eight years in prison. He had been accused of three felony counts---one was dismissed. He remains free on bail pending a probation hearing scheduled in October. Sheriff Wally Olsen said Braden confessed that the abuse had been going year. “I respect that he felt the need to confess to crimes that he had not even been charged with but he still broke the law,” Olson said at the time of Braden’s arrest last December. The ages of the victims were not made public. Braden, according to court documents, will be required to register as a convicted sex offender. At the time of his arrest, Braden resided in Level Plains. However, records indicate he has since moved to Brundidge.

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