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ALEA Releases Crash Report In Geneva County Fatal Wreck
Kim Allen

Drug use and reckless driving could be the cause of a fatal accident that happened on May 9th in Geneva County. According to a report released by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, children in the vehicle driven by Starlea Knight claim she was driving recklessly, speeding and texting while driving. One child told investigators that Knight, "took more pills than usual and seemed all 'geeked up'." The wreck happened on County Road 89, when Knight lost control of the Chevy Avalanche she was driving. The car flipped and one child was ejected from vehicle. 4-year-old Zyrioh Tucker died from injuries sustained in the crash. Five other children were taken to local hospitals, treated for injuries and released. Knight has been charged with murder for her role in the fatal wreck. She is still being held in the Geneva County Jail on $250,000 bond.

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