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Past Olympic Mascots Meet, Put on Show Before Reveal of Rio 2016 Mascot
RTV / NBC News Channel

Mascots from recent and past Olympic Games arrived in Rio Thursday to be on hand for a big event involving the Rio Games in 2016. Wenlock and Mandeville from the 2012 London Games arrived first. They were supposedly created from two drops of steel used to build London's Olympic Stadium. Fu Niu from the 2008 Beijing games arrived next. Her name means good fortune and she wears colors of Chinese new year gifts. She represents a cow and the special bond between cows and those who care for them. Mischa, the Russian bear from the 1980 Moscow Games arrived followed by Athena from the 2004 Athens Games. The mascots danced and performed for the hundreds of children who waited for their arrival. All the mascots are on hand for the unveiling of the mascots for the 2016 Rio Games on Monday.

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