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Huggin' Molly's Has a New Vibe
Brandon Rook

There's a new look and vibe at a popular Henry county restaurant. Huggin' Molly's in Abbeville re-opened this morning after being temporarily closed for re-branding training. The restaurant has made a few changes with their customer service and presentation. There's a revamped menu as well, it still includes timeless classic's like the Molly's fingers but employees say the new edition's are even better. "There is a rejuvenated spirit here. We came up with the motto, "Would I serve this to my Mother?" What that means is, I take pride in everything that you do. If the food is going out in your kitchen, if you wouldn't serve it to your mom then we are not going to serve it to a guest," said Clayton Whitesides, the manager at Huggin' Molly's. Another cool feature is the eleven minute lunch. It cos's seven dollars and employees promise to get customer's in and out in a timely manner.

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