Wed Jul 27 16:45:49 PDT 2016
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Potential jurors sang hymns when stuck on courthouse elevators
Ken Curtis

Potential jurors were trapped for about a half hour Monday morning inside an elevator at the Houston County Courthouse after it malfunctioned. Those who work inside the building say about 10 people---all or most of them had reported for jury duty---boarded the elevator on an upper floor. It then fell to the basement, beginning its decent before the doors fully closed. One person on the elevator was reportedly so distressed that others trapped sang hymns to ease emotional stress. The Dothan Fire Department responded to help free the victims. Nobody was physically hurt. This is not the first time courthouse elevators have malfunctioned, trapping people inside. However, in most previous cases, people stuck were freed in far less time. The jurors were later dismissed for the day since no scheduled trials were held due to continuances and plea agreements. There are two elevators in the courthouse.

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