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Victim & Suspect Identified In Graceville Murder-Suicide

UPDATE: November 23, 10:15 a.m. Graceville police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide at Graceland Manor Apartments. The incident happened Saturday night, after police say what began as a domestic dispute then turned into a shooting. Tracey Brunson, 45 of Campbellton, showed up at the home of Sandy Meekins, 44 of Graceville. Police say Brunson pulled out two hand guns and shot and killed Meekins, then went outside and shot himself. Two of Brunson and Meekin's children and a cousin escaped. The cousin was also injured and taken to a hospital. ---------------- Saturday night, Graceville Police officials responded to an apparent murder-suicide at the Graceland Manor Apartments. Officials say a man shot and killed a woman, and then shot another woman who was in the apartment, and she was taken to the hospital with injuries. At that time the man then killed himself. At this time no names have been released. This is all the information Graceville Police are releasing at this time. Jackson County Sheriff's officials and FDLE were also assisting on scene.

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