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Wallops Island Launch Pad Under Repair Following October Rocket Explosion
WTKR / CBS Newspath

Signs charred by fire...chunks of concrete sprinkled over the launch pad and...a water tower -- still standing but clearly marked by fire damage -- All reminders of what happened here when the Antares rocket exploded just seconds after liftoff in October. With hard hats on and danger signs posted along the way, one CBS affiliate got a firsthand look at the damage done to this Wallops Island launch pad -- damage that still lingers. As the rocket fell back to the ground, it landed here, creating this huge crater right next to the launch pad and causing two lightning protection towers -- which look like tall flag poles -- to fall in different directions to the ground. Scraps of metal still linger here and there and some NASA support buildings received quite a bit of damage, too, with broken windows and imploded doors from the explosion. Crews on site continue to work to remove damaged pipes and other equipment to get this pad back up and running for testing sometime next year.

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