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Dale County High School's Lydia Fincher Takes the Crown During Friday Night's Homecoming Game
Courtney Crown

MIDLAND CITY -- Senior Lydia Fincher is still all smiles after being crowned the 2014 Homecoming Queen for Dale County High School. Fincher was born with Down's Syndrome but that does not stop her from living a normal life, surrounded by support from her fellow students. Support that was made obvious as she accepted the crown in front of an emotional crowd. "Oh everyone was overjoyed, we were all so happy, there were tears everywhere," Senior Bethany Jochen said. "We were all so happy, crying tears of joy." Fincher's mother, Brenda Fincher, has seen the encouragement from students throughout Lydia's high school career. This is why she called Friday's announcement a "surprise" but not a "shock." "I've met quite a few of these students, these young people through the years that have been Lydia's aides and they have such good hearts," Fincher said. "They have just been so good to her, they have helped her, they have included her." Fincher capped off her winning weekend by attending the homecoming dance wearing and indigo dress.

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