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Skipperville Native Returns to Share Message from Book "Living Your Dreams Out Loud"

A standing ovation for a son, brother, friend, or simply a motivator. the road to writing "living your dreams out loud" wasn't easy for Brian Johnson but as he says, it was preparation for his purpose in life-to help others. "The whole notion of living your dreams out loud-when people tell you to go chase your dreams, follow your dreams, there's no real significant blueprint, so i wanted to put together this piece that was based on my story and my experiences to be able to give people hope so they could follow their dream." And thats exactly what he did, giving hope to thousands since October 2014, following dark moments in his life, when he didn't know his purpose. "I hope it resonates with people in another form or fashion that it just inspires people. you know its really about inspiring people to live a fully charged life that anything is possible." Johnson's mother says seeing her son continually make a difference makes her proud. "I am happy as he is. i am just thrilled in knowing that he's going places and he has worked so hard at this and went through so many struggles-things that i didn't even realize but i am just over flowed with joy." Other family and friends say the same...that Johnson has always been a mentor. Inspiring near and far, Johnson says this is only the beginning of showing others their purpose. To purchase Johnson's book, visit livingyourdreamsoutloud.com.

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