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Geneva County Inmates Receive GED Degree
Sarah Chaffee

Receiving a diploma, a sign of the dedication, but Tyler Griffin, who's been in and out of jail for the past three years, his diploma symbolizes a lot more than most know, "I dropped out of high school when I was 16, my mom left me homeless when I was 14, I turned around and went to the drugs and alcohol" said Griffin. At 21 years old, Tyler has seen a lot, but it's his past that’s lead him to where he is today, graduation. Griffin explained, "I just got tired of people talking down to me, telling me I would never amount to anything and finally I made a stand and told them I would show them." Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helm has watched the works of Tyler unfold from jail, to shaking his hand after his name was called. A special moment for the sheriff, "I’m like a proud father, to tell you the truth" said Helm. But there's more than just the work of Tyler that has Helms feeling proud. It’s the program they've built to provide this opportunity to inmates seeking a second chance, "When they get out there and fill out that job application, and it asks for a GED or diploma they can put that in there" stated Helms. Now four inmates can do just that, “I hate that it took me going through the circumstances I went through to get it, but I am glad I did and I plan on furthering my education" added Griffin.

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