Sat Nov 28 10:28:05 PST 2015
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UPDATE: Gun Found at Dothan High School; Student in Police Custody
Ken Curtis

UPDATE: The student has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon and receiving stolen property 3rd degree. He has been booked into the Southeast Alabama Diversion Center. According the Dothan Police Department's facebook page, the student never attempted to discharge the weapon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Police swarmed a Dothan school today and moments later a student was in custody and a gun recovered. All of this began Monday afternoon around 2 o’clock and only lasted a few minutes as police swarmed Dothan High School and took a fifteen year old student into custody. Chief Steve Parrish said, “We had a call from a school resource officer at DHS that a gun was in possession of a firearm. Within a couple of minutes an officer found the student and recovered a .357 handgun. The school was never placed on lockdown because the response was so quick from the time he discovered the student was in possession of the gun. That goes to show that we are committed to the safety of the school.” As far as school administrators and the police department, they say there is zero tolerance policy toward weapons on the campus. The student, and we believe him to be in the ninth grade, was taken to the police department. He is being questioned by investigators. They want to know how he got the gun.

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