Wed Apr 16 12:14:35 PDT 2014
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Big Events Mean Big Bucks for Dothan
Allison Mechanic

Dothan is playing host to people from across the country and around the world thanks to last week’s Tri-State BBQ Festival, the Dothan Pro Classic Tennis Tournament and next week’s Toadlick Music Festival. All these people means more traffic on the roads, but it also means big money for the city. Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz says that between the three events, Dothan could bring in more than a million dollars in revenue. Aside from the boost, these events are also a way to put Dothan on the map, which can be even more valuable in the long run. Each year these events draw bigger and bigger crowds, so as long as the city continues to roll out the red carpet, the more money that comes into Dothan.

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