Thu Oct 30 10:59:36 PDT 2014
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Russians Deliver Space Station Cargo Via Progress 57
The Associated Press

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- Just hours after an American cargo run to the International Space Station ended in flames, a Russian supply ship has arrived at the station with a load of fresh supplies. The Russian supply ship launched early Wednesday from Kazakhstan and arrived at the orbiting lab six hours later with 3 tons of food, fuel and other items. The smooth flight was in stark contrast to Tuesday evening's explosion of a commercially provided cargo ship. Orbital Sciences Corp.'s unmanned Antares rocket had just lifted off from Wallops Island, Virginia, when it exploded. The rocket was carrying a Cygnus capsule loaded with 2 1/2 tons of station experiments and equipment for NASA. Ground teams were finally getting access Wednesday morning to the damaged pad and fire-stricken area. No one was injured.

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