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Online License Renewal
Toneshia Watkins

"Approximately an hour." "About half an hour." "I had to wait two hours." It's reasons like these that have many people waiting till the last minute to renew their licenses. But, wait no more. You can now renew your license in the comfort of your home. "Well, you go to our website www.alea.gov and you click on the driver's license link or you go to www.alrenewal.com and that's gonna pull up a page and it's gonna walk you it's a very easy process cause it's gonna walk you through there step by step," says ALEA Trooper Kevin Cook. Once you've completed the form, you are sent a temporary digital license, which can be downloaded to your smartphone. "Are police officers going to recognize that digital driver's license on my phone? Yes they are. We've already started getting the word out to them that yes that is a valid form of identification." You won't be allowed to make any changes to your license online, such as updating an address or picture. So, in order to have a new picture taken, you will have to go to a licensing office once every eight years. "It is making the process a lot simpler. These advancements and these little upgrades we have made the public is going to see it because it's going to cut down on their wait time at the driver's license office." And people agree that this is a change for the better.

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