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Marine Answers Letters From Second Graders
Toneshia Watkins

"Welcome Home Mason!" Private Mason Turner is back home after completing boot camp. "I always wanted to serve the Country and when my brother-in-law joined I knew the Marines is what I was going to do," says Private Turner. A native of Newton, Mason took the time to make a very special trip today. "They wrote me letters while I was in boot camp and I've come back today to talk to them again and read their letters and answer some of their questions." "Each child wrote him letters and then he wrote us back and he didn't have all the answers at the time," says Newton Elementary School and Turner's former teacher, Barbara Rhodes. So, one by one, Private Turner took the time to answer their questions. "I was asked if they were teaching me to shoot, if they were teaching me to camp, if I was learning how to march. I got asked if I was getting to swim with dolphins," says the Marine. Rhodes says, Turner's decision to enlist in the military doesn't surprise her at all. "When I taught Mason, he was always kinda out of the box. You know, he did things a little differently. But, he was really really smart and so I knew he would do something with his life and I just thought this was a great thing that he chose." And for the Marine, he hopes that by talking with these kids, he can one day be an inspiration. "It makes me feel great. If they could look up to me and be like that's what I wanna do some day."

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