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Major Hurricane Gonzalo Bearing Down on Bermuda
The Associated Press

HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) -- Bermuda's premier is warning residents they're in for "at least 24 hours of storm force winds" and life-threatening storm surge from a Category 4 Hurricane Gonzalo. The storm with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles-per-hour is bearing down on the tiny British territory and Premier Michael Dunkley is urging residents in low-lying areas to move to higher ground. Gonzalo is expected to pass within 29 miles of Bermuda Friday night, close enough to be considered a direct hit. About 1,500 homes are still without power from a tropical storm about a week ago. A government spokesman says officials have turned a high school into a shelter, but he notes that wealthy Bermuda is known for having structures that can withstand heavy storms. The capital of Hamilton is nearly deserted with just a few shops open for people needing last-minute essentials.

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