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Convicted sex offender accused of raping Autistic woman in Dothan
Ken Curtis

A convicted sex offender was arrested Saturday in Dothan for raping an autistic woman. Jail records and police sources indicate Scott Mathews, 39, is accused of coaxing the victim into his car at a home on East Burdeshaw Street then driving away. He then took the woman to an undisclosed location where he raped her, according to police. Officers say they received a call from family saying the woman---whose mental capacity is described as that of a five-year-old—was missing. Police were at the home when Mathews returned with the victim, according to those familiar with the case. An official press release is expected Monday. Court records show Mathews pleaded guilty in 2008 to sexually abusing a 5-year old girl in the Eufaula area. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and released in October of last year. Mathews is listed on the Alabama Sex Offender Registry. Mathews is believed to have recently resided at a Dothan hotel and is expected to be charged with violating the Sex Offender Notification Act. State records show he address was last verified January 12. Mathews is held under a $500,000 bond on the rape charge.

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