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Peanut & Cotton Crop Update
Jessica Leicht

Area peanut and cotton farmers are feeling a bit dreary this month and it has a lot to do with the weather. It's a waiting game and after waiting to plant in the spring due to rain, along with the moisture we are now getting during harvest season. The clock is ticking. "We're definitely behind on our peanut harvest, about 2 weeks. We should be halfway through our harvest now and we haven't even started really,” Owner of Mim’s Farm Greg Mims said. That extra time along with the wet weather, is going to push the cotton and peanut harvest back until early December. "Right now, the farmers are wanting to dig peanuts, they're wanting to defoliate cotton, they're really wanting to pick peanuts and that's a challenge due to the weather,” Seminole Co. Extension Agent Rome Ethredge said. "These peanuts here have been plowed up for a week. If you pull it back you can still see how wet and damp. These peanuts have just not had enough sunshine to dry them out. Usually in about 3-4 days they're dry enough to pick and we're going on 6-7 days right now,” Mims said. If those days turn into weeks before the crops dry out, it will delay when farmers can get back in the fields to pick the peanuts. "Right now what we really need is good open sunshine,” Mims said. Rome Ethredge, the Seminole County Extension Agent says so far the yields and quality for irrigated crops looks pretty good, but dry-land cotton and peanuts aren't doing so well.

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