Sat Jul 23 10:31:55 PDT 2016
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Dothan businessman arrested again in what appears to be ongoing domestic related dispute

A Dothan businessman already arrested multiple times this year has been charged with yet another crime. Court records show Nicholas Nokowski, 50, was charged Tuesday with criminal mischief. He is accused of damaging the truck of belonging to a friend of Nitkowski’s former wife. Specifically, he is charged with putting sugar in the gasoline tank and cutting at least one tire. The incident allegedly occurred in February. Nitkowski, earlier this year, was among two arrested for soliciting someone to carry out an assault in a domestic dispute. He later was charged with stealing a BMW automobile and breaking into the home of his former wife where computers were allegedly stolen. Nitkowski, the owner of Dothan Marketing Group, was released from jail on his most recent arrest after a $4,000 bond was posted.

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