Thu Jan 29 22:26:05 PST 2015
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Two Opp Women Face Sex Crimes Charges In Unrelated Cases
Kim Allen

OPP, AL -- Two Opp women have been charged with sex crimes involving underage males, in unrelated cases. 35-year-old Tiffany A. Blair faces on count of Rape Second Degree and one count of Sodomy Second Degree. She's also charged with four counts of Chemical Endangerment of a Child. Blair was booked in the Covington County Jail. Her bond is set at more than $1 million. 30-year-old Kristina L. Burroughs is also charged with Rape Second Degree and Sodomy Second Degree. She was booked into the Covington County Jail on $400,000 bond. Investigators say the two cases are separate and unrelated.

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