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A string of car burglaries in the Chapelwood subdivion leave neighbors on edge
Bridget Spencer

A string of car break-ins in a Dothan neighborhood has people there on edge. Police say over ten car burglaries happened over the last few months in this subdivision alone. Police say there have been about ten car burglaries in the last six months, and three in January alone...This is all happening in the Chapelwood subdivision area. I talked to a handful of people around the area who are complaining about the exact same incidents, car burglaries, where thieves are not bashing the windows, but just waiting for an unlocked car. Michael Antonelli has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and he says he's never seen anything like this happen. "I came out to use the car and I found the contents of the glove compartment laid all over the seat. I called my wife and asked her what she was looking for, and she was very confused and said she wasn't looking for anything. so I knew I had a problem and I called the police," said Antonelli. If you have any information on this investigation please contact the Dothan Police Department at 334-615-3000.

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