Tue Sep 23 03:21:53 PDT 2014
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A Northview High School Demolition Has Been Approved
Brandon Rook

Dothan City School leaders say it's time to tear down a few old buildings on Northview's High School campus. School board leaders voted and approved the demolition during tonight's school board meeting. Officials say the properties simply just look unpleasant. The demolition will tear down two old wooden houses that were built in the early 1980's and old tennis courts. "Now that the boards have approved that, our next step is to contact the company to let them know that they've been awarded the bid and find these things out. I hope it's soon. We want to get those eyesores out of there," said DCS Superintendent Tim Wilder. Administrators say these renovations will help make the school look better and build more morale for students. A deadline date hasn't been set yet.

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