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New Video Shows Up-Close-and-Personal View of Recent Japanese Volcano Eruption
RTV / NBC News Channel

A Japanese hiker shot the eruption of Mount Ontake last Saturday as he tried to outrun the huge plume of volcanic ash, bearing down on him. Terutoshi Kuroda was on a hiking trail close to the summit when at about noon local time, he and his fellow hikers noticed a massive ash cloud above them. With his smart phone out and shooting, Kuroda ran down to the closest mountain lodge not too far away. His footage shows people trying to outrun a huge dark cloud before they were forced to cover their mouths and take shelter. A volcano at Mount Ontake erupted four days ago, killing at least 36 people. Rescuers airlift only 12 bodies off the mountain because of dangerous conditions. At least 24 people are still unaccounted for and feared dead. Close to 70 people were injured as rock and ash rained down on hikers and climbers. Japanese authorities believe at least 250 people on the mountain, a popular hiking destination, when it erupted.

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