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Dale County Schools Going Gold for Local Teacher's Daughter Fighting Cancer Battle
Courtney Crown

SKIPPERVILLE -- Molly Johnson is just 21 months old and she is already fighting more than many people do in a lifetime. Johnson is a victim of childhood cancer. While she might be a victim, she is fighting through her battle with the disease. One person who has seen her courage is her mother's friend, Julie McDaniel. McDaniel teaches first graders with Molly's mother, Jennifer Johnson, at G.W. Long Elementary School. McDaniel said Molly is a normal little girl with a heart braver than most people. "She's a fighter," McDaniel said. "The only way that you would know that she has cancer is she doesn't have any hair. I think that's one of the miracles, that she's not been sick. She looks like a happy one and a half year old. She's tough, she's tough as nails." On Wednesday, students at G.W. Long spent their physical education period purchasing yellow ribbon tattoos and lemonade during their own version of Alex's Lemonade Stand. Alex's Lemonade Stand is a nationwide effort to raise money for childhood cancer. "Alex's Lemonade Stand was founded by a four year old," Event coordinator Karissa Dasinger said. "She lost her battle at 8 years old." The lemonade and tattoos are not the only way Dale County Schools are raising money for childhood cancer research. "The schools in Dale County have basically turned Gold on Friday nights," Dasinger explained "There's giant ribbons on the football fields, there's signs on the fences." "The school is having a bake sale next Friday," McDaniel added. "There are other places around the Wiregrass that are holding bake sales in honor of Molly for cookies for kids cancer." In addition, the principals at G.W. Long High School and Elementary School are in a competition called the "Whip Childhood Cancer Challenge." Whichever principal raises the most money will be pied in the face during the homecoming football game on September 26. Dasinger said the different awareness events could not be possible without Dale County Schools Superintendent Donny Bynum, Barefield's, Frogs and Frills, Dale Pharmacy, Walter Hand Motor Company, Hughes Homecenter, Echo Country Store, Whatley Family Dentistry and H&W. The businesses have partnered with the elementary school to sell paper lemons and raise donations. The school's goal is to raise $2,000 for childhood cancer research by the end of September. "That will fund just one week of childhood cancer research," Dasinger said.

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