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Man accused of threatening to feed elderly mother to alligators
Ken Curtis

A Dothan man has been arrested for terrorizing his elderly mother because she didn’t want to prepare dinner for him. Larry Paul Rollins, 62, of Petty Street is also accused of threatening to drive the 87-year old woman to a lake and feed her to the alligators. Court documents shows that, on May 22, the alleged victim didn’t feel well enough to prepare dinner. In retaliation, Rollins, 62, hid her personal belongings in the home causing the woman emotional distress. The victim claims she lived in constant fear for her safety. Perhaps more bizarre, is an allegation made that, last October, Rollins threatened to “drag (his mother) to a lake and feed her to the alligators” if she evicted him from the home. Rollins, arrested Wednesday, is charged with two misdemeanor counts of elderly abuse and neglect. Houston County District Judge Benjamin Lewis ordered Thursday morning that law enforcement accompany Larry Rollins to the home to remove his personal belongings.

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