Wed May 27 21:30:48 PDT 2015
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Woman accused of passing bogus traveler's checks in multi-state crime spree to plead guilty
Ken Curtis

A Brooklyn, New York woman has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges involving the fraudulent use of counterfeit and forged money orders. Court records show Cathy Ann Badal, 23, entered into agreement with prosecutors during a hearing held Tuesday. Badal is accused of using a false identification to pass American Express money orders in what prosecutors call a multi-state crime spree. Arrested in New York, Badal made her way to the Deep South where she also passed the checks. She was arrested January 6 in Henry County and found to be in possession of about 50 traveler’s checks, according to court documents. Badal was also arrested on drug charges at the same time. Badal agreed to plead guilty to charges of Uttering and Possessing a Counterfeited Securities and Possessing and Using a Means of Identification. Prosecutors will likely ask for a lighter sentence in exchange for the plea. A trial date on the Henry County charges has not been set.

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