Thu Apr 24 11:54:42 PDT 2014
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Several Road Closures in Geneva County

The following roads are closed until further notice as of 8:00 AM on 4/23/2014. We hope after today several of these roads will be removed from the list. Crews will be working through Saturday. • Hornsby Rd from County Rd 19 to Lewis Rd • Sandy Creek Rd at bridge • Doyle Morgan Rd • County Rd 79 at the intersection of Spears Hill Rd • Spears Hill Rd from the Double Bridges Creek bridge to County 79 • Tillman Rd • Galberry Rd • Stephens Ferry Rd from Goat Hill Rd to Sandy Creek Rd • Camero Rd at bridge • Harvest Time Rd • Eight Mile Rd • North Watford Rd • Knight Rd • Doswell Rd

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