Fri Nov 27 16:49:04 PST 2015
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Police: DHS student arrested after caught with gun in school
Ken Curtis

A Dothan High School student was arrested Monday after police say they found a pistol in his backpack. Chief Steve Parrish said school administration became aware of the gun notified the school’s resource officer. When other officers arrived at the school the ninth grader was taken into custody quickly and the .357 Magnum recovered, according to Parrish. “The school was never placed on lockdown due to the rapid response of our officers who did a great job of getting the matter resolved,” Parrish said. A police statement indicates the gun is stolen. The student is charged with receiving stolen property and illegally carrying a pistol. He was interrogated by police then placed in the custody of the Southeast Alabama Diversion Center. The name of the student can’t be made public under Alabama law.

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