Fri Jul 03 15:06:10 PDT 2015
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Comedian Colbert hosts Michigan public access show, interviews Eminem

Public access TV never felt so... awkward? Comedian Stephen Colbert spent time in Monroe Wednesday, taking over hosting duties for a little known show that's now getting national attention. "Only in Monroe" posted a 40 minute clip to their website after the taping and it sure is creating a buzz on social media! He interviewed the show's actual local hosts, but the biggest talker has been his lengthy grilling of Detroit rapper Eminem who was a good sport through some pretty intense Bob Seger music trivia and much more. Colbert recently left his own political parody show on Comedy Central and it appears he's just killing time until he takes over The Late Show this fall for David Letterman who retired from the gig in May. Click here to watch Colbert's edition of "Only in Monroe"

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