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The Impact of the Taste of Coffee County

"We have amazing cupcakes." Laura Creazzo is talking about cupcakes from, "Cupcakes Y'all." Being the owner for nearly a year, she's trying to get it noticed at Taste of Coffee County. "Because of our location, we're kind of tucked away on the side of enterprise. a lot of people still haven't heard of us, even though we've been around for quite awhile." That's the case for many of the businesses that filled the civic center Monday night, from Dakota Coffee to Shane's Rib Shack even Zaxbys, there was something for everyone. Coordinators hope this annual event opens folks eyes to something new. "Some people don't know that they're here in enterprise. with us being a military base area here, a lot of people we have moving in and out, so it kind of gives them an idea of what to choose from." Creazzo says after she learned the previous owner was about to close its doors, she immediately wanted a chance to take over. "i lived behind Cupcakes Y'all and I've always thought it was a really fun business and an interesting business." So what are customer's favorites? "We're known for our pound cake. we're known for our key lime cupcake. it's won awards in the past." and with the taste of Coffee County showcasing their business, Creazzo is hoping for more sweet success. The event is sponsored by the Altrusa Club... a non-profit organization that focuses on creating better communities, through leadership and volunteer services.

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