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'In God We Trust' stickers spread across Florida
Brianna DiPilato

Thursday marked 59 years of 'In God We Trust' as the nation's motto and in some areas the phrase is getting new life on the side of law enforcement vehicles. It's not only Bay County Sheriff's cars that are proudly displaying the four word saying. Other cities and counties across the Panhandle have jumped on the bumper sticker bandwagon. "It does feel good that here in our area, in the Panhandle, that all the sheriff's offices have adopted this. A lot of the police departments, about 20 agencies now that I know of, in our area are doing it," Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen said. "Good ideas are not good ideas unless someone else uses them." From the Jackson County Sheriff's Office to the Bonifay Police Department, sheriffs and police chiefs across the area say they're proud to display the motto. "It was a brilliant idea that Sheriff McKeithen came up with," Jackson County Sheriff Lou Roberts said. "I think that you can see by the support by the local law enforcement agencies throughout the Panhandle especially, that we all have the same values and same ideas and we're here to serve the citizens of the state of Florida." "It's just a positive thing and the people love it. I'm telling you, the locals here love it I've received nothing but high fives and praise for taking a stand on this issue," Bonifay Police Chief Chris Wells said. "If you, in any form or fashion, doubt that these are going to stay on my car, look in my eyes and watch my lips, these are going to stay on our cars," Sheriff McKeithen said. Sheriff McKeithen says he has gotten more positive feedback than negative. He also says that all of the stickers are donated and not bought with taxpayer money.

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