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Distracted Drivers, Frenzied Shoppers Create Dangerous Parking Lots
Allison Mechanic

Aside from lights and decorations, crowded parking lots are a tell tale sign that the holidays are here, but it also means distracted driving and accidents. "Some of the local shopping centers have speed limits posted. We encourage motorist to abide by those they are there for a reason to keep you safe," explained Capt. Todd David of the Dothan Police Department. "Just use common sense, it's not a racetrack, getting there two minutes earlier is not worth endangering somebody. Drivers running stop signs, pedestrians not crossing safely and speeding are just some things that can be found in the parking lot of the Dothan Pavilion. Although its dangerous, its not a new scene for the Dothan Police Department. During Nov. 2013, there were police reported 84 accidents on Private Property like shopping centers. Five of those took place on Black Friday, in addition to one pedestrian being hit out of a total of 12 in an entire year. "When your on foot you have no protection from a car or a motorcycle, we urge shoppers when they are either entering the shopping facility or going into their car to use the designated cross walks, cut across where it is well lit. certainly you want to be looking for vehicles around, also watch your children, make them hold your hand." Black Friday shopping safety goes for both drivers and shoppers, because your holiday cheer can come to a screeching halt. If someone blatantly blows through a stop sign and creates a public safety concern the minimum is they will get stopped, possibility of a citation.

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