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Dr. Rick McInturf Takes Over as Superintendent of Ozark City Schools on Wednesday
Courtney Crown

OZARK -- Dr. Rick McInturf assumes the responsibility of leading the Ozark City Schools on Wednesday. He is the new superintendent following Mr. Michael Lenhart. Dr. McInturf said it is a responsibility that his eight-year role as associate superintendent prepared him to accept. "Virtually everything that goes on in the school system, the associate superintendent has some knoweledge of," Dr. McInturf said. Students and teachers alike are excited for the new chapter that starts on October 1st. They said Dr. McInturf has always been supportive of Ozark City Schools mission. "I remember when he first came on, the first thing I heard was, 'We've got somebody here who hits the door running'," Business Education Teacher Cindy Smith said. Students said Dr. McInturf has become a staple during their school day. "He's always in the school, up and down the hallways, talking to kids, asking what we're learning about, just really involved with the children as well as the teachers," Senior Rachel Buchanan said. "He's great with the students, you always see him walking around school, talking to people, asking them how they're doing," Senior Nick Flores said. Dr. McInturf said some of his main missions are continuing to nurture a strong relationship with the community, work on necessary repairs to the buildings in the five schools and continue to move OCS into the future via technology.

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