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Local Government Officials Asking For Voters Help
Victoria Rosa

Houston County Commissioners are asking for residents help. They are asking you vote no when it comes to Amendment 2. If the amendment is approved, it would authorize money to be taken from the Alabama Trust Fund, 50 million dollars to be specific. After interest that number could rise to 74 million dollars. Commissioners say that money is supposed to be a safety net and be used for important county projects. If the Amendement passes, all the money would be used to better the states National Guard Armories. Commissioners say although the Armories do need work, they don't feel it's bad enough to reach into the trust fund. They also say there is no guarantee the county and city wouldn't have to pay it back. "In the past when we've taken money there's always been language that either paid the money back or held cities and counties harmless by putting money into the city and county trust fund. For the first time there has been no attempt to hold us harmless in other words in this effort and we just think that's bad precedent, " said Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver. Houston County Commissioners will vote on Monday to officially adopt the resolution. All 67 counties in the Alabama County Commission Association have already unanimously voted to adopt a "no" vote resolution.

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