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The Community of Ashford Raises Awareness for Childhood Cancer

"Its therapy for me and its a way to give and a way to also keep Cody's memory alive." Alicia Hayes, the mother of the late Cody Hayes is keeping his memory alive by painting Ashford gold. "I just mentioned it to the mayor one day and he said it was a great idea for Ashford to go gold and Ashford is small enough for me to get a small group of people to come out to paint the town gold." Painting windows and leaving their mark of support with gold ribbons. Hayes and others in the community are determined to fight back against childhood cancer. "Being that our community has been hit with cancer as a tragedy for many families in the area, i thought it was a great idea to bring awareness to it," Jonathan Grecu, Mayor of Ashford. Bringing awareness to those still in the fight...while remembering those lost. "When you have a community come together as a whole to support other families that have had their hearts broken with cancer, its just amazing to see it." Hayes, along with others in the community hope to finish painting Ashford gold by next week. Each year its estimated that over 15,000 children from birth until age nineteen are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S.

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