Sat Nov 28 10:57:54 PST 2015
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ISIS recruiting through social media

FBI agents say Twitter, gaming systems and other messaging apps are all technology that ISIS uses for recruitment. "They have very active social media [capabilities] to reach out into [a] community from anywhere in the world," said FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Agent William Petoskey. Officials have arrested 84 people in the United States since March 2014 for affiliating with ISIS. Almost half were the result of ISIS-related social media posts. Petoskey says, "They have a good knowledge of how social media works." So who do they prey on? "It has appeal to individuals who are troubled souls, who are more available to the recruitment process to commit act of terrorism," Petoskey explained. Agent Petoskey likens it to any online danger like child predators and human trafficking. Parents must be vigilant of what their children are doing online. "Please, if you see something suspicious report it to local police or the FBI." The FBI says ISIS is recruiting within the United States at three times the rate of Al-Qaeda. They are conducting nearly 1000 ISIS related investigations.

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