Mon Apr 20 23:45:40 PDT 2015
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Dothan Civitan Club Hosts Annual Family Fun Day for Miracle League and Special Olympic Participants

Families with developmental challenged family members were treated to a day of fun and activities at the Westgate Recreation Center. Therapeutic recreation, Miracle League, and Special Olympic participants were all invited to the annual therapeutic family fun day. today's event had carnival games, treasure hunts, and plenty of popcorn for everyone. Coordinators say, the event is a great chance for those that are developmentally challenged to come out and have fun together. "if you have a chance to get out and volunteer and help with the developmentally challenged group of people it is a very rewarding experience. they are great people to be around" The Dothan Civitan Club, hosted the event. It is a volunteer organization that works locally to help those with developmental disabilities.

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