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Fort Rucker Honors Fallen Soldiers at Memorial Day Ceremony
Danielle Wallace

He was a co-pilot, he was a friend, just wanted to remember him and his family...very unfortunate." Memories of Robert Frash from a close friend, Bob Giffen. Giffen says Fort Rucker's Memorial Day Veremony is always special to him as he remembers Frash who was killed as their UH 1 helicopter was shot down by enemy fire in August of 1971. "Living here in the local area, we put together this monument package that went out to the members of the 240th who are still living to put this monument together and bring it here." Thursday's Memorial Day Celebration, not only gave family, friends, and fellow soldiers an opportunity to view monuments but also be present for a wreath laying for those fallen. "As long as our veterans are being remembered, they are stil serving. We want to continue to remember them so that they understand and that the rest of the nation understand's that freedom's not free." And though Thursday's ceremony was somber affair former soldier. Robert Cooper says, he sees a silver lining in the young people of today. "One of things that makes me very proud being from the city of Enterprise is the fact when I go see our JROTC program and we have a lot of cadets there that are our future." Fighting the way to freedom, cooper says is a continuous fight that's also placed in the hands of those young cadets. "We're hoping that they will show the Americanism and patriotism that some of us older guy's had."

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