Fri Aug 28 23:19:29 PDT 2015
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City of Enterprise Prepares for Tropical Storm Erika

"This thing could take one of many routes at this particular point that could possibly move it from that tropical storm phase up into the hurricane phase," says Mayor Kenneth Boswell. Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell says no matter how far away Tropical Storm Erika is at this point. Its better to be safe than sorry. "The one thing that I would caution all citizens is to have your three day supply ready." That three day supply includes, food, water, medicine and necessities for pets. Coffee County EMA Director Larry Walker says residents should not be alarmed. "At our headquarters we're pretty well prepared. We always are prepared anytime for something like this to happen. The things around the city that they're doing is to check emergency generators. Making sure the generators are gassed up," says Walker. As with all severe weather our 4Warn Storm Team agrees with being prepared. "The computer models have been all over the place from the Bahamas into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Most of the models now kind of honing in on Florida or the Gulf. If it moves into the Gulf then its wide open to go northward somewhere from Mobile all the way to the Florida Panhandle. All of us need to be prepared," says Chief Meteorologist David Paul. While everyone hopes the storm will remain out of their path, Enterprise City Officials agree that being proactive is key.

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