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First CJet Academy Class Graduates
Allison Mechanic

Last December, Commercial Jet was only starting to consider applicants for their first CJET Academy. Over 1,100 candidates were competing for a select number of spots. Although it wasn't an easy feat, it all paid off. 25 students make up Commercial Jet's first ever academy class, throughout the course, students learned all about Commercial Jet's Airliners. Now that they have completed their training, they are officially employed by the company. Being selected for the program was a dream come true for most, but it wasn't just because of the job. "We have all grown to really become a family, we all help each other in just about every aspect that we can here at the shop, and also even outside, along with Commercial Jet we are a family, we are the Commercial Jet family," said Jerry Harris, a graduate. Commercial Jet plans to hold additional classes in the near future which will be on structure and mechanics.

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