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Family and Friends Lead Prayer Vigil for 16-Month Old Found Unresponsive in Swimming Pool

While little Jeremiah is fighting for his life at UAB hospital. family and friends back home in Dothan are praying for a miracle. "I feel like i know the word of prayer and i know what it can do and as a community its a lot of people on Facebook and on the internet saying they support her so i feel like she needs to see the support. And thats exactly what the community did bringing bibles and words of encouragement. "God has the last say so, you know the doctors, everybody been saying a lot but god you know can make a miracle quick." To aide in Jeremiah's recovery and his mother's expenses those in attendance also gave donations... "I felt like we should do this as a community. if the community is behind her then the community needs to bring the baby home with prayer." With hands clinging tightly, the community is certain little Jeremiah will return home to his mother. "The doctors say no but i know that with prayer he can come home."

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