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Mitch McNab State Prison Update
Madeleine Hackett

Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska is glad to see convicted Dothan Attorney Mitch McNab headed back to state prison. After three days outside of his cell... 53 year-old McNab will be back behind bars Thursday. According to Valeska, the law in Alabama allows a sheriff to make a request to send a state inmate to a county jail Mcnab was moved per request by the Lawrence County Sheriff to the county jail Valeska believes this law should be changed. While in the county jail, McNab was working for 2 to 3 days in the community on work release. Representative Paul Lee contacted the Governors office upon learning about the move, and worked to send McNab back to prison Valeska says this whole act was done in the "dark of the night" and McNab deserves to spend every last day of his five year sentence behind bars.

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