Sat Aug 01 21:31:20 PDT 2015
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Family and Friends Remember Tracie Hawlett and J. B Beasley at Vigil

"We've had big crowds, we've had small crowds, but we've always had people her to remember the girls." Despite the rain, another crowd did just that, showing support, remembering Tracie Hawlett and J.B. Beasley. The vigil brought memories and tears as everyone stood on herring avenue... the exact ground where Tracie and J.B were found shot to death, inside of the trunk Tracie's Mazda on August 1st, sixteen years ago. "We just don't want them forgotten. we want somebody brought to justice. that's what the family prays for constantly." And with the help of officers, both families are hopeful that one day justice will be served. "The information is somewhere out there. it could be a relative, a friend, someone has something to tell that they haven't shared before and we just. we urge everyone to come forward and just give us the information thats out there. "We pray for law enforcement, that something will come forward, even after all these years, a tip or someone. As officers continue putting pieces together in the case, family members are urging to gain information, for two girls that had their lives taken away tragically, too soon. "If anyone has any information, we want them to come forward or either they can call and tell me."

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