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There's A New Drumming Circle in Enterprise
Brandon Rook

A new drumming circle in Enterprise, Alabama is wanting to bring a new culture of expression to the Wiregrass. The newly formed group meets at Johnny Henderson Park once a month on Sunday afternoons. They say, being a part of the drumming circle is therapeutic. Organizers also believe it's a great way to fellowship with others. This group has been formed by members from the praise team at The Grace Place, a local church in the Wiregrass. "To me it's just a way you express yourself through music to just get the rhythm out there. One of the things, I tell the kids I work with on Wednesday night is that I get to make noise in church but it's fun just to get out and play a drum," said Scotty, Johnson, one of the Drumming Circle organizers. Organizers say you can bring any type of percussion instrument, along with a chair. The drumming circle is for all ages. If you would like more information, you can call 334-806-1994.

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