Tue May 26 02:57:15 PDT 2015
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Local Tomato Crops off to a Good Start
Blake Benberry

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sawyer have been growing their tomatoes for over 20 years. They have several harvesting fields throughout Malvern and Slocomb. The crop field behind their Sawyer's Produce in Malvern, holds several tomato plants that are in the early stages. Two and a half months is about how long, The Sawyers say it takes for one of their tomatoes to fully grow. July is peak is their peak tomato season. Their tomatoes are grown in three phases which take place in March, May and July. On average, about 15 acres produced per year. In addition to homegrown tomatoes, Sawyer's Produce sells tomatoes imported from Florida and will occasionally feature tomatoes from local produce colleagues such as Aplin, Mills and Hendrix produce. Their homegrown tomatoes are going fast, but they had plans to head back to the crop fields today and there will be plenty for customers.

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