Sat Jul 30 23:15:06 PDT 2016
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Police arrest one in recent Dothan murder
Ken Curtis

One person was arrested late Wednesday in connection with a recent Dothan murder. Police Chief Steve Parrish said two other are still sought. “I can confirm that a juvenile has been taken into custody in connection with the May 16th shooting death of William “Phatzo” Craig Hawkins,” Parrish said. He refused to release additional details because the investigation is ongoing. Hawkins body was found in his Collier Street home after police received a 9-1-1 call. Three men, or teens, were seen by eyewitnesses entering the side of home where an altercation took place, according to police. Parrish said the name of the victim will not be released at this time due to his age. However, if charged as an adult—and that seems likely---his name would be made public. “Our investigators have worked tirelessly on this case and I commend them for their efforts,” Parrish said.

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