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Car and Foot Chase Apprehends Shoplifter
Press Release

On 8-2-15 at approximately 3:03 p.m. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the management of the Pilot Travel Center regarding a retail theft in progress. When employees attempted to detain the suspected shoplifter, Richard Shane Anderson, he pushed one of them and fled the store on foot. Reportedly, he first ran to the area of Po Folks, but returned to the store and retrieved his vehicle, which he left the area on. A Deputy spotted the suspect vehicle as it turned west onto Magnolia Rd. and attempted to affect a traffic stop as the driver turned onto River Chase Rd. The suspect accelerated and a pursuit ensued. While traveling down River Chase Rd. the suspect threw numerous items out of the vehicle. The items were later retrieved and were confirmed to be stolen from the Pilot Truck Stop. After coming to the dead end of River Chase, the driver left the roadway in order to maneuver around the pursuing officer. A second Deputy positioned his vehicle sideways in the dirt road to block Anderson’s path. As Anderson approached at a high rate of speed, he reportedly veered toward the officer as if he were going to strike him, but again evaded capture by driving around the patrol car, down the shoulder of the road. The pursuit re-entered Magnolia Rd. eastbound until they reached Hwy 71, where Anderson turned south. He then accelerated to over 100 miles per hour. Anderson attempted to negotiate a turn onto Simsville Rd. but was unable to due to his high rate of speed. Once past Mission Rd. he drove his vehicle into a field and reversed his course, headed back northbound. After they were back on Hwy 71, Anderson swerved abruptly toward one of the pursuing officers in an attempt to strike him. The officer took evasive action to avoid a collision. Anderson then turned west on Simsville Rd. and drove to an area near his home. After driving through his neighbor’s yard, he made his way down to the Chipola River and fled on foot. He crossed a muddy slough that branches off of the river with a Deputy in foot pursuit. They made their way to an open field where they ran several hundred yards to another bend in the river. Anderson crossed the river followed by four Deputies. After losing sight briefly, one of the Deputies spotted Anderson and ordered him to stop. When he refused to comply, he was tased and taken into custody without further incident. He was lodged in the Jackson County Correctional Facility to await first appearance. Other items reportedly stolen from the Pilot Travel Center were discovered in the suspect’s vehicle also. Richard Shane Anderson Male 42 Years of Age Simsville Rd Marianna Fl 32448 Retail Theft Resisting a Merchant Aggravated Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer (2 Cts) Resisting an Officer with Violence

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