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The Dothan Technology Center Earns A Most Imporved Award
Brandon Rook

The Dothan Technology Center is recognized as the most improved technology center by the southern regional education board. The Dothan Technology Center was the only recipient for the entire state of Alabama. This award is defined as the center with increased mean scores in reading, mathematics and science from 2012 to 2014. Dothan was selected for this award along with 16 other centers from a network that covers 18 different states. "We're very excited about the award both for our faculty and for our students. Our faculty incorporates our college and career ready standards and emphasizes that in our classes. Faculty members emphasize the importance of math, reading and science and how they pertain to students career field," said Emily Peluso, a guidance counselor at the Dothan Technology Center. This initiative was formed in 2007 to help technology centers review and implement the actions needed to produce high-demand and high wage graduates.

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