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Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley claims he'll soon be released from prison
Ken Curtis

Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley apparently will be released from a federal prison next month, presumably to head to a halfway house. Gilley’s Facebook page, believed managed by a relative, shows an email Gilley sent to his son that states, “You can't imagine how I have longed to say these words. I'll be HOME next month. And to make it even more sweet, I can say it on my youngest son's birthday! Happy Birthday (son’s name deleted). On my life, I will NEVER miss another one!!!!! See you very soon. Two friends of the Gilley confirmed the email is legitimate. U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson, according to court documents, ordered in February that Gilley’s 80 months’ prison sentence be reduced eight months. A separate order justifying the reduction is sealed and not available for public or media view. Gilley was incarcerated in November, 2012 after pleading guilty to bribery and other charges connected with attempts to buy pro-gambling votes from lawmakers. Several others also arrested were tried twice for similar crimes and eventually exonerated. Gilley was the mastermind behind Country Crossing and its casino near Dothan that opened December 1, 2009. It closed two months later under threat of a raid by Governor Bob Riley’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

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