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Police report: Commissioner was DUI when he crashed his car
Ken Curtis

Dothan police say alcohol was the primary contributing factor in a single-vehicle wreck that left Houston County Commissioner Doug Sinquefield injured. He was the only person involved. However, Sinquefield said the report is incorrect and he had not been drinking prior to the crash that occurred Saturday night. He claims another car forced him from roadway. Dothan police Captain Todd David said the results of blood tests a subpoena will be obtained to determine Sinquefield’s blood alcohol content, if any. However, Sinquefield said blood was not drawn during his hospital stay. Multiple medical personnel, not familiar with this particular case, say it is routine procedure to draw a blood under such circumstances. However, a patient can refuse to have blood drawn. Sinquefield was not arrested at the scene but, instead, taken to Southeast Alabama Medical Center and admitted for treatment of head injuries. He was later released and attended Monday’s regularly scheduled commission meeting. Sinquefield’s ran off the road and flipped near the intersection of Prevatt and Eddins Roads. Initial reports indicated he was trapped inside the but able to free himself before officers arrived. If charged and convicted, Sinquefield would not be forced to give up his seat on the commission because DUI is a misdemeanor if others are not injured.

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