Fri Oct 31 14:01:59 PDT 2014
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Barbie Doll Themed Hotel Room in Buenos Aires!

The first Barbie-themed hotel room in the world has gone from a temporary attraction in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires to a permanent fixture. Hilton Hotels and toy maker Mattel created the room 10 years ago for a trial run. The room is flushed in pink and has a 32 inch television running constant Barbie movies. An internal door leads from the Barbie room to another room for the parents. Analia Ogando, Business Development Director at Hilton Buenos Aires, said on Wednesday that the project was born "out of the strategy that we always have here at the Hilton Buenos Aires to innovate, to offer something new to our national and international clients." Occupying room number 136, on the first floor, the first evidence of the attraction is a giant Barbie high heel shoe in the hotel lobby. The room was given a test run in 2004 for a month and reopened in September 2014. The room's nightly rate is 179 US dollars. It is fully booked until the start of 2015. Barbie first sold in 1959 and is still the world's number one fashion doll. The Barbie brand is worth an estimated 1.3 billion US dollars in sales for Mattel.

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