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Escaped Prisoner Involved in Deadly Crash
Press Release

An Alabama state prisoner who escaped from the Decatur Work Center on April 8, 2015, was identified today as a suspect in a deadly car crash that killed to women on Wednesday in Birmingham. Martin Jay Creasman, 51, was apprehended by the Birmingham Police Department at the scene of the crash. Creasman initially gave a false name to the police. He was later identified Friday morning through a fingerprint match. When he escaped, Creasman was serving a 17 year sentence for a 2013 conviction on unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle. His prior offenses, dating back to 1983, include theft of property, robbery, credit card fraud among other charges. As a non-violent offender, Creasman was eligible to serve his sentence in a minimum security facility. He was transferred from the Limestone Correctional Facility, a medium security facility, to the Decatur Work Center on February 8, 2015. Although Creasman was eligible for minimum security custody, he was denied unsupervised work release outside the Decatur facility. At the time of his April 8 escape, Creasman was at the Decatur Work Center and not assigned to a supervised community worksite outside the facility. In addition to escape charges, Creasman is facing additional charges of murder, theft of property and providing false information to police. The Alabama Department of Corrections is assisting the Birmingham Police in its investigation.

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