Thu May 07 02:40:40 PDT 2015
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Possible Increase in Leisure Services Fees
Lauren Linahan

An increase in leisure services fees was proposed at Tuesday's Dothan City Commission meeting. Leisure Services director Elston Jones presented the fee proposals in an effort to match expenses with a more modern budget. The last time fees rose were in the late ‘90s. These fees have remained stagnant while actual costs have tripled. Other cities in the state have already raised fees. New fees could include a 20 dollar increase in swim lessons, and a nearly 75 dollar increase in lifeguard training. District 2 Commissioner Amos Newsome suggested gradually increasing fees versus all at once. But with the improved state of the economy, Jones insists now is the time to act. "Operating within the same budget for over ten years, and knowing that you're operating in the red... This is just kind of a way to offset,” said Jones. “Not to really try to pass on anything to the public, but when you look at what fees have been charged throughout the state, throughout this area... It's still very reasonable."

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