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UPDATE - Child Found In Dothan Pool Still In Critical Condition
Ken Curtis

UPDATE - 3:05 p.m. The 16-month old infant male found in a Dothan pool on Wednesday night remains in critical condition at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Investigators say the infant was found in an above ground pool and was unresponsive. Investigators say the individual who found the infant left the scene prior to police arrival. Investigators encourage anyone who may have been at the home and left before police arrived to contact the Dothan Police Department. The investigation into this incident is ongoing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A one year old boy was found unresponsive Wednesday night in a small swimming pool behind a friend’s home. He was rushed to a Dothan hospital then transferred to UAB hospital in Birmingham, according to police and family acquaintances. A friend stop by the home where the child was staying with what’s described as his Godmother, according to family friend Johnathon Morris. She wanted to drop by a toy to the child identified as only Jeremiah. “The baby snuck off and ran behind (the friend). It was only a second and the baby was gone and we started looking for him,” Morris told WTVY/WRGX’s Senior Reporter Ken Curtis. He said other people were on the porch of the Lake Street home at the time but their view of was obscured by a vehicle parked in the driveway. “When (the Godmother) looked up (and couldn’t spot Jeremiah) she went to look for the baby and we helped her look,” said Morris. The child was located a few moments later in a small plastic swimming pool behind the home. Those at the scene said the cover was on the pool but somehow Jeremiah got under it and in the water. Lt. Brian Smith, Dothan Police shift commander, said it’s not known how long the child was submerged. Friends at the scene said they’re not sure, either, but it could have been several minutes.

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