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Suspects Arrested in Chipley Robbery
Press Release: Chipley Police Department

On, July 29 at approximately 4:48pm, the Chipley Police Department responded to a residence on South 1st Street in reference to an elderly lady being robbed in her front yard. Upon arrival officers made contact with the victim, Miss Joyce Kirkland. Miss Kirkland told CPD officers that she had just returned home from shopping in Chipley. Miss Kirkland said that once she got out of her car at her home she was approached by a black female. The female subject asked Miss Kirkland if she had dropped something and gave her a receipt. Miss Kirkland stated that the black female then grabbed her purse which Miss Kirkland was holding in her hands. Miss Kirkland tried to hold onto her purse which resulted in Miss Kirkland being pulled to the ground and the subject taking her purse. The black female ran to her car and the car sped away south on 1st Street. With the help of a Walmart employee we were able to see where the subjects targeted and stalked Miss Kirkland beginning with at the Chipley Walmart. At one point the suspects actually made contact with Miss Kirkland in the store and again in the parking lot. We were able to see where these people followed Miss Kirkland from Walmart to two other stores in Chipley. While at another store one of the subjects again made contact with Miss Kirkland, before they followed her home and committed the robbery. By late night on July 29 we were able to come up with a partial Alabama tag number and track these thugs to the Walmart store in Lynn Haven, the Taco Bell and O’reilly Auto Parts in Lynn Haven, unfortunately we were running a little too far behind them. With great help from the Dothan Police Department by the end of Thursday we felt like we had the suspects identified. On Friday July 31 investigators from the Chipley Police Department along with an investigator from the State Attorney’s Office 14th Circuit went to Dothan to locate these thugs. All three suspects were located and the two black females admitted to their involvement in the incident. The suspects admitted to coming to Chipley with the sole purpose of targeting an elderly person to rob. By Friday evening we presented our affidavits along with warrants to County Judge Colby Peel. Judge Peel signed ours warrants and placed a $100,000.00 bond on each defendant. We immediately notified Dothan Police Department of the warrants and by 8:30pm Dothan Police Department had all three of the suspects in custody. All three subjects are currently being held by Alabama authorities awaiting extradition back to Florida. “ Although this is not a common type of occurrence in our community, everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings and people contacting you in parking lots and stores. This was a clear case of out of state individuals targeting the elderly. “ If you ever see a suspicious person in the parking lot or hanging around your car call the Chipley Police Department or remain in the store and ask the store to call. The victim in this case is 86 years old. Chief of Police Kevin Crews ARRESTED Carl William Anderson W/M E. Crawford Street Dothan, Alabama 62 years of age Charges: Conspiracy to commit robbery Robbery by sudden snatching 1st degree theft Ceiundrua Fayeswunn Holland B/F Kinsey Road Dothan, Alabama 21 years of age Charges: Conspiracy to commit robbery Robbery by sudden snatching 1st degree theft Alicia Rose Parrish B/F Page Street Dothan, Alabama 20 years of age Charges: Conspiracy to commit robbery Robbery by sudden snatching 1st degree theft

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