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Labor Day Weekend Safety
Brandon Rook

If you're looking forward to some barbecue this Labor Day weekend make sure you watch out for the traffic. Local law officers plan to beef up patrols over the next few days. Police want everyone to obey traffic laws and more importantly, wear seatbelts and obey the speed limit. Wiregrass authorities may ride in unmarked cars. "We'll be looking for the safety return of all drivers going to or from and to make sure the rules are obeyed. We're not out there to try to make speed traps or write tickets we just want to make sure that everybody see's our presence and to keep them in mind that they have to be aware of their driving abilities out there and their safety," said Captain Antonio Gonzalez with the Houston County Sheriff's Department. Authorities also say grills should never be left unattended and there should be a 3 foot safe zone around grills to keep children, pets and others from being injured.

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