Thu Oct 23 02:40:42 PDT 2014
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Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank Experiencing Turkey Shortage

Thanksgiving is only a month away, which means turkey for many families in the wiregrass. This holiday season the Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank is asking you to help feed those in need. This year the food bank found out the USDA truckload shipment of turkeys they usually get isn't coming. That means they're starting the holidays off 500 turkeys behind. "That’s good news for the farmers because that means there’s no surplus in turkeys and the farmers are having a good year. That's bad news for the food banks because that means the food we depend on every year for thanksgiving is not going to be coming to us,” Development Director Julie Gonzalez said. The food bank is asking businesses or groups to have frozen turkey drives to help. They also have refrigerator trucks that can pick up donations. If you're interested in helping you can call 794-9775.

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