Fri May 22 15:33:36 PDT 2015
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Wiregrass Humane Society Raising Funds for Air
Blake Benberry

At the Wiregrass Humane Society, the days have turned into months without a dependable air conditioning system and the furry residents are suffering. "It is just an old unit. It is outdated. It’s hard to find the parts for it. It’s just not going to work anymore," Charity Dulaney of Wiregrass Humane Society, told WTVY. "They are very lethargic. They have no energy. Their appetite goes away and they lose weight,” said Dulaney. The humane society has attempted to make do by using box fans and keeping the dogs hydrated, but upper respiratory issues and kennel cough are running rampant. "It's very stressful for them in a kennel environment to start with," Dulaney said. Many of the animals, like 9-week-old, Little Man, have already felt the harsh consequences of the heat. However, today, they were able to get back to their cool and playful selves. That is thanks in part to Cherry & Irwin of Dothan. With nowhere to turn, the Wiregrass Humane Society gave them a call. The pet-friendly law office immediately stepped in to front the cost of a new air unit. "We just love animals and it's something that I think everybody…we all have a responsibility. These little guys can't take care of themselves and that is our responsibly…we take it seriously and we think the community does and will as well,” managing partner, Ben Irwin, said. Together, the Wiregrass Humane Society and Cherry & Irwin are asking the Wiregrass community to join them in funding the project, as the humane society relies strictly on donations to operate. “We want them well and healthy so we can get them adopted and into homes and can have a happy life," Dulaney said. "I hope everybody can help the Wiregrass Humane Society keep their doors open and take care of little guys and girls just like this one," said Irwin.

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