Sat Oct 10 13:05:20 PDT 2015
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Search Warrant Leads To Three Arrests; Infant Taken Out Of Drug House
Press Release: Walton County Sheriff's Office

A one-year-old infant is now under the supervision of the Department of Children and Families after being taken from a home off Lancelot Road following a search warrant by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation by the Narcotics Division was able to determine the home at 173 Lancelot Road was a known location where narcotics were sold and used. During the execution of a search warrant the infant was located inside along with three adults. As a result of the search deputies located several items commonly used to ingest illegal narcotics, along with a backpack containing items used to make methamphetamine. “Our fight to remove meth from our community continues,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “Like I have said before; we will not stop until this toxic drug is not endangering our community and our children.” Amanda Murphy, 32, Katie Pelfrey, 21, and Corey Kendrick, 29, were all subsequently arrested and charged with manufacturing meth, child endangerment, and drug paraphernalia.

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