Tue Jan 27 22:41:30 PST 2015
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Local Pastor Reacts to Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Cynthia Washington

Attorney General Luther Strange had asked a federal judge to put her ruling on indefinite hold. She refused his request in favor of a two week hold. She says that amount of time should give the state time to appeal her decision to the circuit court. The judge ruled Friday that Alabama's gay marriage ban was unconstitutional. But constitutional or not, local pastors say the decision goes against the word of God. "So when we look through the lenses of the bible, the bible has already told us this is not something we should do but if we look at society it has deemed that is something it everyone is talking about and it's something that people want in their lives so the question is it a government issue or is it a people issue or is it a church issue?" said Pastor Ray Malone, Great Beulah Baptist Church.

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