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Early Co. Band of Blue Ready to Take the Field this Fall
Cynthia Washington

When you think of Early County High School you may think football, but there is also another group of students on the field - the Band of Blue. "Music and the arts are extremely important to students," said band director Roy Rasheed. "You can look at it like its own language. You can combine everything from math to counting rhythms and notes to the history behind the music to understanding the acoustics of the instruments to develop the things that they learned in the classroom outside of the classroom. In music many of our students are some of the top students in the school. Last year we had the valedictorian so music is extremely important to a school." Roy Rasheed has been the band director for the last three years. Students say they have seen a change in the band. "We have gotten a lot better so it makes me happy." "We weren't that good when I joined my seventh grade year, but when Mr. Rasheed came in we got straight superior for about three years now." That means a lot to many of these students who've been playing an instrument for years. "When I was in 6th grade some of my friends were in band and when I was younger my cousin wanted to be in band so I always wanted to be in band," said Kaylan Hall. "I have always been interested in band ever since they visited me in 5th grade when they made their first presentation. I have always loved music. It just inspired me to get me in there and I have loved it ever since," said Trenton Cody Rogers. "In elementary school we heard about it and I wanted to see what it was all about and I joined and liked it and I stayed with it," said Amber Soggs. "When I was younger I used to see the band come through and want to be in the color guard," said Braniya Lewis. Rasheed says they lost many students last year to graduation but have fresh faces ready to play. "This is my first year marching so it is exciting to me and to be around everyone and experience what they experience." It's not just the music that ties this group together. "You should definitely join. You have a set group of people who are going to be your family and they will take care of you." "They are basically like my second family. Everybody works hard and we still work hard." Rasheed says he has a long list of contests his band will be participating in this year.

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