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Police chief: Ankle monitors helped lead investigators to teeenage killers
Ken Curtis

Four teenagers are in custody for the recent murder of a Dothan man who was shot to death in his home. They are accused of the May 16 shooting death of William Craig “Phatso” Hawkins. His body was found in his Collier Street home. Charged with capital murder are three 15-year old boys and one 16-year old. The only name made public was that of the oldest youth---Ricky Deonte Smith. He appeared before a judge Friday morning and was appointed two attorneys. Parrish, during a news conference Friday, said three of those arrested were wearing ankle tracking monitors ordered by a juvenile court because of other crimes at the time of Hawkins death. “That is part of the case, it’s part of the evidence,” he said. He didn’t elaborate. However, speaking on the condition of anonymity, some involved in the investigation say the monitors show the suspects were at Hawkins’ home at the time of his death. Relatives of the victim were present at the news conference and thanked investigators for their efforts. Sister Angela Rogers said Hawkins had returned to live in Dothan recently. “The only reason he came back (to his hometown) is because he wanted to guide his two teenage sons into manhood in the proper way. Little did he know, assuming police are correct, is that his life would be taken by teenagers who are all now charged with capital murder. Police Chief Steve Parrish doesn’t rule out additional arrests.

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